10 Facts about Ruby Dee

Post On: September 7, 2018

Facts about Ruby Dee give the interesting information about the famous American actor. She was born on 27th October 1922. Her birth name is Ruby Ann Wallace. She died on 11th June 2014. People also recognize her as a civil right activist, journalist, playwright, screenwriter and poet. One of her best works was A Raisin in the Sun released in 1961. It came in a film and stage version where she got the role as Ruth Younger. You can also see the brilliant performance of Ruby Dee in other movies like Do the Right Thing released in 1989 and The Jackie Robinson Story in 1950. Let us get other impressive facts about Ruby Dee below:

Facts about Ruby Dee 1: American Gangster

In 2007, American Gangster was released in the market. Dee took part in the movie where she portrayed Mahalee Lucas. Her performance was well praised since she earned an academy award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She appeared as the winner for Female Actor in a Supporting Role in the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Facts about Ruby Dee 2: the awards

During her career, Dee had earned various awards from Drama Desk, Obie, Emmy and Grammy. Since she had a long career in the entertainment industry, there is no need to wonder that she received Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, Kennedy Center Honors and National Medal of Art. It showed that Dee was a wonderful and brilliant actress.

Facts about Ruby Dee

Facts about Ruby Dee

Facts about Ruby Dee 3: the personal life

Ossie Davis was the husband of Dee. Both often collaborated in work. In 2005, her husband passed away.

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Facts about Ruby Dee 4: the birthplace of Dee

The birthplace of Dee was located in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father was Marshall Edward Nathanial Wallace. He worked as a porter, waiter and cook. Her mother was Gladys Hightower. Her father decided to marry a schoolteacher named Emma Amelia Benson after Gladys left the family.

Facts about Ruby Dee 5: childhood

Dee spent most of her childhood in Harlem, New York. She was educated at Hunter College High School. In 1945, she earned a degree in Romance languages from Hunter College.

Ruby Dee Facts

Ruby Dee Facts

Facts about Ruby Dee 6: as an apprentice

Dee began her career as an apprentice for American Negro Theater. Her fellow workers included Hilda Simms, Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier.

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Facts about Ruby Dee 7: the performance

Dee’s performance was centered on Broadway. That Man of Mine released in 1946 marked the first appearance of Dee on screen.

Facts about Ruby Dee 8: the public attention

Dee gained the public attention due to her role in The Jackie Robinson Story in 1950.

Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee

Facts about Ruby Dee 9: the lead roles

Dee began to grab the lead roles in a number of stage performances. In King Lear, she took the role as Cordelia. She also got the role of Kate in The Taming of the Shrew. She earned the status as the first black actress who earned a major role.

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Facts about Ruby Dee 10: the long career of Dee

Dee’s career spanned for at least eight decades.

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