10 Facts about Rudolf Virchow

Post On: September 8, 2018

Facts about Rudolf Virchow present the information about the famous German physician. He was born on October 13th, 1821. His full name was Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow. He passed away on September 5th, 1902. People recognize him due to his breakthrough in public health. Virchow was also known as a biologist, pathologist, anthropologist, writer, politician, editor and prehistorian. People are always impressed with his career, which spanned on many fields. He played an important role to bring science in the field of medicine. That is why he earned the title as the father of modern pathology. Let us check other interesting facts about Rudolf Virchow below:

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Virchow was located in Schievelbein. He also grew up in that region.

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 2: a smart student

Virchow was a smart student since his early years at school though he was only from a working class family.

Rudolf Virchow Facts

Rudolf Virchow Facts

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 3: the interest in medicine

Virchow decided to study medicine after he left his interest in theology due this week voice.

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Facts about Rudolf Virchow 4: the medical degree

Virchow got his medical degree from Friedrich-Wilhelms Institute. Johannes Peter Müller was his tutor at that time. Now the institute is called Humboldt University of Berlin. He was capable to continue his education at the institution after earning a special military scholarship.

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 5: working

Robert Froriep was the superior of Virchow when he worked at Charité hospital. He was excluded from the hospital due to his participation in 1848 Revolution.

Rudolf Virchow

Rudolf Virchow

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 6: Die medicinische Reform

Die medicinische Reform means medical reform in English. It was the title of the newspaper published by Virchow to present his political and social point of view.

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Facts about Rudolf Virchow 7: the next career

In 1849, University of Würzburg appointed him as the first Chair of Pathological Anatomy. Virchow took the role to direct Institute for Pathology at Charité five years later. University of Berlin also made him as the first Chair of Pathological Anatomy and Physiology.

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 8: politics

Virchow also participated in the field of politics. Deutsche Fortschrittspartei was a political party cofounded by Virchow. He took a seat in Reichstag after he was elected for Prussian House of Representatives. Otto von Bismarck was the primary political opponent of Virchow.

Facts about Rudolf Virchow

Facts about Rudolf Virchow

Facts about Rudolf Virchow 9: as a writer

Virchow was also known as a writer. Do you know that he had written at least 2,000 writings in the field of science? In 1858, Cellular Pathology by Virchow was published in the market.

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Facts about Rudolf Virchow 10: names for scientific terms and diseases

Virchow coined a number of scientific terms and diseases. Thrombosis and leukemia were named by Virchow. Spina bifida, agenesis and chromatin were the scientific terms by Virchow.

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