10 Facts about Rudolfo Anaya

Post On: September 8, 2018

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya elaborate the interesting information about the famous American author. He was born on 30th October 1937. Bless Me, Ultima is the most famous novel of Anaya. It was published in the market in 1972. Anaya plays an important role in establishing the contemporary style of Chicano Literature. He grew up in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. His mother came from the farming family background that lived in Puerto de Luna in New Mexico. On the other hand, his father was from the sheepherder and cattle working family. Let us find out other impressive facts about Rudolfo Anaya below:

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 1: siblings

His mother had married before and produced two brothers. Anaya had to live with his two half brothers and four sisters in his early life.

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 2: the influence of his early childhood

The early childhood of Anaya has influenced the way he created his work. In the Anaya’s writing, the Ilano was referred to the beautiful desert flatlands in New Mexico.

Rudolfo Anaya Facts

Rudolfo Anaya Facts

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 3: moving to Albuquerque

In 1952, the family of Anaya decided to live in Albuquerque by leaving the rural New Mexico. At that time, Anaya was in his 8th grade. In 1956, he graduated from the Albuquerque High School.

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Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 4: a swimming accident

Anaya was involved in a swimming accident when he was 16 years old. It made him paralyzed temporarily. The novel Tortuga featured this experience.

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 5: college time

After he graduated from high school, Anaya decided to continue his education by studying at University of New Mexico. In 1963, he got a B.A. in English and American literature. In 1968, he earned a master degree in English. In 1972, he had a master degree for guidance and counseling from University of Mexico.

Rudolfo Anaya

Rudolfo Anaya

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 6: a high school teacher

Anaya had his working experience as an English teacher in high school while he studying for his master degree. In 1963 until 1968, he taught at the Albuquerque public schools.

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Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 7: personal life

Anaya and Patricia Lawless got married in 1966. His wife was always supportive toward his dream as writer.

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 8: Bless Me, Ultima

In 1963, Anaya started to write his novel under the title Bless Me, Ultima. Quinto Sol published the novel in 1972. Due to the Chicano centric content as well as the combination of Spanish and English in the novel, it was hard for Anaya to find a publisher for his novel. Fortunately, Quinto Sol took the risk and published it.

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya

Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 9: the sales of Bless Me, Ultima

Bless Me, Ultima has 21 printings. The sales reached more than 300,000 copies.

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Facts about Rudolfo Anaya 10: the success

Bless Me, Ultima was a total success. University of New Mexico invited him to join the English faculty until he retired in 1993.

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