10 Facts about Rugby League

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Facts about Rugby League tell us about the full contact sport, which contains two teams. The field to play the rugby league is in rectangular. Each team will have 13 players. The origin of the codes of rugby was traced back in 1895 in Northern England. Due to the issue about players and payments, the new codes were developed after the split from the Rugby Football Union. The rule of rugby changes over the years. The primary reason on the change is to give the viewers more interesting and entertaining game. If you want to know more about Rugby League, check the following post below:

Facts about Rugby League 1: the points

The major method to get a score for the team is to carry the ball and touch it to the ground off the goal line of the opponent.

Facts about Rugby League 2: the opponent

The opponent will do anything to stop the other team getting the score. The player who carries the ball will be tackled by the members of the opposing team.

Rugby League Facts

Rugby League Facts

Facts about Rugby League 3: scoring

The team can produce the score with tries and kicking goals. To get more point, a free kick is awarded for the team, which produces the soccer after a try. Penalties can be awarded when kicking at goals. In any time, the players can try to get the field goal.

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Facts about Rugby League 4: the popularity of rugby league

Rugby league is a popular sport in the world. Papua New Guinea considers it as a national sport. The popularity of rugby league is also high in southwest France, New Zealand, South Auckland, New South Wales and Queensland of Australia and Northern England.

Facts about Rugby League 5: the premier club competitions

The premier club competitions for rugby league are the National Rugby League and European Super League. The notable players are mostly from the Pacific Island, Australasian and European countries.

Rugby League

Rugby League

Facts about Rugby League 6: the governing body

Rugby League International Federation is considered as the governing body for this sport.

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Facts about Rugby League 7: the first world cup

In 1954, France became the country, which hosted the first Rugby League World Cup. Australia is the current holders.

Facts about Rugby League 8: a new form of rugby

Rugby league is considered as a new form of rugby. It is different from the Rugby Football Unions in New Zealand, Australia and Britain.

Facts about Rugby League

Facts about Rugby League

Facts about Rugby League 9: in North America

The only professional rugby league team in North America is the Toronto Wolfpack.

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Facts about Rugby League 10: the popularity in the beginning of 21st century

The international rugby teams began to compete in the beginning of the 21st century. The game gained popularity in other countries like Brazil, Hungary, Thailand, Norway, Spain and other countries.

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