10 Facts about Rugby Union

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Facts about Rugby Union talk about the common rugby. This sport was originated in the first half of 19th century in England. There are two codes of rugby. They are rugby league and Rugby union. In rugby union, the players have to run with the ball within the hand. Each team has 15 players. The shape of the ball for rugby union is oval. The field is made in rectangular. Each try line features H-shaped goalposts. Let us check other interesting facts about rugby union below:

Facts about Rugby Union 1: the popularity

Rugby Union is a very popular sport in the world. People love to play this sport. All females and males from different ages like to play and watch this sport.

Facts about Rugby Union 2: the registered players

The people who played rugby union in the world were around 6 million players in 2014. The registered players were around 2.36 million of them.

Rugby Union Image

Rugby Union Image

Facts about Rugby Union 3: the governing bodies

Since 1886, the governing body of rugby union is World Rugby. In the past, it was called International Rugby Football Board and International Rugby Board. The full members cover 101 countries in the world. It also has 18 associate members.

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Facts about Rugby Union 4: the first laws for football

Rugby School pupils were the first one who wrote the football laws in 1845. In 1895, rugby union and rugby league were separated as different types of sport.

Facts about Rugby Union 5: the early spread of rugby union

The people who lived in Great Britain and Ireland were interested to play rugby union. The countries under the British Empire began to play the sport. France, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia were the first countries, which accepted rugby union.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union

Facts about Rugby Union 6: the de facto national sport

Fiji, New Zealand, Madagascar, Tonga, Georgia and Samoa consider rugby union as their de facto national sport.

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Facts about Rugby Union 7: the international matches

Since 1871, the international matches for rugby union have been conducted. The first match was launched at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh between England and Scotland. In 1987, the first Rugby World Cup was held. It will be held in per four years. The annual competition for rugby union also takes place in the form of The Rugby Championship in the Southern Hemisphere and The Six Nations Championship in Europe.

Facts about Rugby Union 8: the match between Scotland and England

During the first international competition of rugby union between Scotland and England, the former appeared as the winner.

Facts about Rugby Union

Facts about Rugby Union

Facts about Rugby Union 9: the first overseas tours

In 1888 and in 1889, the overseas tours for rugby union took place. The former one was when Australia and New Zealand were visited by a British Isles team.

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Facts about Rugby Union 10: the second overseas tour

The second overseas tour took place in 1888/1889 when the native football team from New Zealand went to Britain.

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