10 Facts about Russell Crowe

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Facts about Russell Crowe discuss the information about the famous actor. He is also known as a musician and film producer. Crowe has spent most of his time living in Australia even though he is a citizen of New Zealand. He was born on April 7th, 1964. His full name is Russell Ira Crowe. People began to pay attention on him as actor due to his role in the historical epic film, Gladiator released in 2000 where he portrayed Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius. Due to this role, he was awarded with an Oscar. He also had other awards from London Film Critics Circle Award, Empire Award and Broadcast Film Critics Association Award. Let us find out other interesting facts about Russell Crowe:

Facts about Russell Crowe 1: The Insider

The Insider was a movie released in 1999 where Crowe portrayed Jeffrey Wigand, a tobacco firm whistle blower. He earned the best actor awards five times due to the role.

Facts about Russell Crowe 2: John F. Nash

Crowe also earned many awards due to his role as John F. Nash in a Beautiful Mind. Nash was a mathematician who earned a Nobel Prize. The movie was critically acclaimed which increased his popularity as an international actor.

Russell Crowe Facts

Russell Crowe Facts

Facts about Russell Crowe 3: other movies

Crowe also appeared in other movies. In 1992, the audiences were impressed with his performance in Romper Stomper. He also took the role in Robin Hood (2010), Noah (2014), Man of Steel (2013, and American Gangster (2007).

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Facts about Russell Crowe 4: as a director

If you think that Crowe is only an actor, you are wrong. He also tries to become a director with The Water Diviner. It marks his directorial debut. He also takes a role in the movie in 2015.

Facts about Russell Crowe 5: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Due to his achievement and impressive work, Crowe had his name located on a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Facts about Russell Crowe 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Crowe was located in Wellington suburb of Strathmore Park. His father was John Alexander Crowe. His mother is Jocelyn Yvonne.

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Facts about Russell Crowe 7: the early performing career

Crowe did not begin his career as an actor. In the beginning of 1980s, he became a musician. “Russ Le Roq” was his stage name.

Facts about Russell Crowe 8: singles

Crowe released a number of singles such as “Shattered Glass”, “Pier 13”, and including “I Just Want To Be Like Marlon Brando”.

Facts about Russell Crowe

Facts about Russell Crowe

Facts about Russell Crowe 9: personal life

Danielle Spencer is an Australian singer who has an on and off relationship with Crowe. Before he married Spencer in 2003, he and Meg Ryan had romantic involvement. In April 2018, Crowe and Spender divorced.

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Facts about Russell Crowe 10: reputation

Though Crowe earns a positive reputation as an actor, some people consider him as having a bad temper due to the four altercations of him in 1999 until 2005.

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