10 Facts about Russell Wilson

Post On: September 13, 2018

You will get information about the famous American football quarterback on Facts about Russell Wilson. In the National Football League, he plays for Seattle Seahawks. The birthplace of Wilson was located in Cincinnati at The Christ Hospital. He was raised in Richmond, Virginia. His mother was Tammy Wilson, while his father is Harrison Benjamin Wilson III. His mother works as a legal nurse consultant, while his father is a lawyer. Anna is his younger sister. He also has an older brother. His name is Harrison IV. Let us find out other interesting facts about Russell Wilson below:

Facts about Russell Wilson 1: college football

In 2011 season, Wilson had his career at the University of Wisconsin where he started his college football. The score of his passing efficiency was 191.8 for the single season FBS. The team also earned Rose Bowl in 2012.

Facts about Russell Wilson 2: football and baseball

In 2008 until 2010, Wilson played for North Carolina State University as a baseball and football player. Then he was transferred to Wisconsin.

Russell Wilson Facts

Russell Wilson Facts

Facts about Russell Wilson 3: the second baseman

Wilson took the role as the second baseman for Asheville Tourists in 2011.

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Facts about Russell Wilson 4: NFL draft

He was selected at the NFL Draft in 2012 for the 12th pick during the third round for the Seahawks.

Facts about Russell Wilson 5: the moss passing touchdowns

During his rookie year, he took the title as the player with the passing touchdowns in 2012. Then he earned the title as the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year.



Facts about Russell Wilson 6: the Super Bowl Victory

In 2013, Seahawks earned the victory in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2013. In his first six seasons, Wilson has become the winner for more games compared to other quarterbacks in NFL.

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Facts about Russell Wilson 7: the payment

Wilson is considered as the second highest paid player in NFL after he had a contract extension with the Seahawks signed on 31 July 2015.

Facts about Russell Wilson 8: playing football

When he was only 4 years old, Wilson had played football along with his father. When he was in the sixth grade, he had the first football competition. In 1980, his father played football for San Diego Chargers. On 9 June 2010, his father passed away because of diabetes complication at the age of 55.

Facts about Russell Wilson

Facts about Russell Wilson

Facts about Russell Wilson 9: endorsement

French/West/Vaughan was selected by Wilson for his endorsement, public relation and marketing agency in 2012. You can find his face in many ads such as Braun, Duracell, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Nike, and Pepsi, Levi’s, American Family Insurance, United Ways and many more. He also becomes the fame for the European Bread company called Eats the Ball.

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Facts about Russell Wilson 10: business venture

Wilson also has his business venture. He co founded a clothing line called Good Man Brand in 2016. He also invests his money in a number of businesses.

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