10 Facts about Russia in 1900

Post On: September 11, 2018

Facts about Russia in 1900 elaborate the information about the Russian Empire under Tsar Nicholas II. He was on the reign from 1894 until 1917. He tried to suppress the political opponent in the country and stay in power. The industrial development in the country was slowly developed in 1900. The urban middle class and working class in Russia were developed due to the improvement in the industrial sector in 1890s. The radical parties were established, while the politics in the country was in dynamic state. Most sectors in the Russian industries were owned by foreigners and Russian. The bourgeoisie was weaker than the working class in the Russia due to their large size. Therefore, the political parties in the country were founded by the peasants and working class. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Russia in 1900.

Facts about Russia in 1900 1: strikes and revolts

The frequent revolts, strikes and disorders were common in 1890s and beginning of 1900s due to land hunger, high taxes and bad working and living situation.

Facts about Russia in 1900 2: the Russian workers

The Russian workers in the factories were around 40 percent by 1914. In 1901, the factories have 32 percent.

Russia in 1900 Facts

Russia in 1900 Facts

Facts about Russia in 1900 3: Constitutional Democratic party

In 1905, Constitutional Democratic Party or Kadets was founded by the nobility and industrial capitalist.

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Facts about Russia in 1900 4: the major revolts

In 1905, revolts by the workers took place in the big cities of Russia. The workers did mutinies and strikes. The Tsar was capable to subdue it after he promised to establish a Duma or an elective parliament. In 1906, the Duma was dissolved.

Facts about Russia in 1900 5: Prime Minister

In 1906 until 1911, Peter Stolypin was appointed by the Tsar as the Prime Minister of Russia. However, this position did not have good impact on economy for the people.

Russia in 1900

Russia in 1900

Facts about Russia in 1900 6: foreign policy

The Tsar tried to ally with France for his foreign policy. Therefore, the country was involved with the Balkan issues. In Serbia, Russia assumed the role to protect the Orthodox Christians. The country had to fight with Japan in 1904 until 1905 due to their ambition to expand their control on the Far East. However, Russian was defeated for St Petersburg.

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Facts about Russia in 1900 7: the involvement in the full-scale war

Russia under the leadership of Tsar never thought about the big risk when entering a full-scale war. The country had to face heavy losses after the war.

Facts about Russia in 1900 8: abdication of Tsar

In the beginning of 1917, Tsar was abdicated from his position. Lenin tried to take over the country.

Facts about Russia in 1900

Facts about Russia in 1900

Facts about Russia in 1900 9: riots and strikes

Strikes and riots took place because of the fuel and food shortage.

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Facts about Russia in 1900 10: the public

The public began to take action to end the Romanov rule for three centuries during the revolution in 1917.

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