10 Facts about Russia in WW1

Post On: September 11, 2018

Let me show you some important Facts about Russia in WW1 in the following post below. Russian fought with Romania in the First World War against the countries like Bulgaria, Austro-Hungarian Empire, German Empire, and Ottoman Empire. It was often called as the Eastern Theater of World War 1 or Eastern Front. The first world war spanned in the north at the Baltic Sea to the south at the Black Sea. The Central Europe and Eastern Europe were affected by the First World War. This Eastern front was very different from the Western Front because the latter one was fought under France and Belgium. Here are other facts to notice about Russia in WW1.

Facts about Russia in WW1 1: Plan 19

Plan 19 was developed by Yuri Danilov in 1910. He was a general of Russia. The plan was used for invading East Prussia by establishing four armies. However, Plan 19 was under the criticism because the German Empire was considered less harmless than the Austria-Hungary.

Facts about Russia in WW1 2: the four armies

Therefore, the four armies were not sent to invade East Prussia. On the other hand, two armies were employed for defense against the Austro-Hungary. The remaining two were sent for invading East Prussia.

Russia in WW1 Facts

Russia in WW1 Facts

Facts about Russia in WW1 3: the Germans

It seems that the Germans were not weak since they could beat back the two armies of the Russia who tried to invade the East Prussia. However, Galicia was successfully attacked by the Russian in the south. Austro-Hungarian forces in the Galicia were defeated. Moreover, Warsaw could not be captured by the Germans.

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Facts about Russia in WW1 4: retreat

The Russians had to retreat by 1915 because of their heavy causalities after the arrival of Austro-Hungarian and German armies.

Facts about Russia in WW1 5: the commander in chief

Before the retreat, the commander in chief of the Russian army was Grand Duke Nicholas. Tsar decided to take the role after the retreat.

Russia in WW1

Russia in WW1

Facts about Russia in WW1 6: failure in 1916

In 1916, Russia failed to do the offensive attacks against the Germans. Baranovichi Offensive and Lake Naroch Offensive were some of the failed offensives. However, Brusilov Offensive was successful enough. The operation was under General Aleksei Brusilov.

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Facts about Russia in WW1 7: the Kingdom of Romania

In August 1916, the Kingdom of Romania decided to enter the First World War area. Romania would get the region of Transylvania in return.

Facts about Russia in WW1 8: the loss of Romania

At first, Romania had an initial success. They had to move back after Bulgaria had offensive attack.

Facts about Russia in WW1

Facts about Russia in WW1

Facts about Russia in WW1 9: revolution in Russia

In February 1917, Revolution took place in Russia, which led into the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. The Bolsheviks came to power, which established the Russian Republic.

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Facts about Russia in WW1 10: Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed by the Bolsheviks and Central Powers.

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