10 Facts about Russian Geography

Post On: September 10, 2018

Facts about Russian Geography tell the readers about the geographic features of Russia. You will be informed with the types of soils, vegetations, climates and topography of the country. The diversity and monotony can be found on Russia. According to the total area, Russia is the largest one in the world. The area of the country spans on much part of northern Asia and Eastern Europe. The changes of climate in Russia will affect the types of vegetations found on the Russia. You can find semi desert, grassland, broadleaf forest, taiga and tundra in the country. Let us find out other interesting facts about Russian Geography below:

Facts about Russian Geography 1: the biosphere reserves

UNESCO enlists 40 biosphere reserves in Russia. This country is rich with natural reserves.

Facts about Russian Geography 2: the West Siberian Plain

The largest plain in the world is located in the West Siberian Plain. It spans from Yenisei River to the Urals. Most parts of European Russia are occupied by the East European Plain.

Russian Geography

Russian Geography

Facts about Russian Geography 3: the exception

You will never find any tropical rainforest in Russia though you can find many vegetation zones here.

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Facts about Russian Geography 4: Russian Arctic

Russian Arctic spans from the west to the east side of the country. It has the length of 4,300 miles or 7,000 km.

Facts about Russian Geography 5: the Arctic Sea

New Siberian Islands, Severnaya Zemlya and Novaya Zemlya are the islands and archipelagos of Russia in the Arctic Sea.

Russian Geography Facts

Russian Geography Facts

Facts about Russian Geography 6: tundra

Tundra occupies around 57 percent of Russian country. This zone is characterized by the presence of marshy and treeless plain. During the winter season, this zone is in total darkness. The wild reindeers occupy the tundra. The zone is inhabited by the shrub, dwarf willows, lichens and mosses during the winter season.

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Facts about Russian Geography 7: taiga

Taiga can be found on the western area of the country to the Pacific. This natural zone is extensive in the country. The area is inhabited by muskrat, wolf, brown bear, ermine, sable, moose and marten. The sphagnum marshes are mostly found on the large areas of taiga. The coniferous wood is considered as the primary natural reserves in Russian taiga.

Facts about Russian Geography 8: deciduous forests

Deciduous forests are a home to many plants such as birch, aspen, ash, pine, maple and hornbeam. Spruce and oak are considered as the major trees here.

Facts about Russian Geography

Facts about Russian Geography

Facts about Russian Geography 9: steppe

The people often describe Russia with steppe as the primary landscape. It spans from Hungary to Manchuria. It has moderate temperature. Therefore, it is the perfect place for human being to settle and do agriculture.

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Facts about Russian Geography 10: water

Water is abundant in Russia. That is why the country has 20 watershed districts.

Are you well informed with facts about Russian Geography?