10 Facts about Russian Gulags

Post On: September 10, 2018

Facts about Russian Gulags elaborate the Gulag prison camps in Soviet Union. According to the data from a human right group, the camps were available in 1923 until 1961. The Gulag existence in Russia lasted for 38 years. However, some of them only lasted for a brief period. Russian Gulags were established during the leadership of Lenin. They were defined as the government agency, which took the role for the forced labor camp system. The peak of the Gulags took place in 1930s until 1950s under the leadership of Joseph Stalin. Here are other interesting facts about Russian Gulag to notice:

Facts about Russian Gulags 1: the term Gulags

The term Gulag is often defined as Chief Administration or Main Camp Administration. This term is also used to define the forced labor camp during the Soviet Union period.

Facts about Russian Gulags 2: who lived in the Gulag?

Do you know the people who lived in the Gulag? Most of them were the political prisoners, criminals and different types of convicts. One way to repress the political opponents in Russia was by making them living in the Gulags.

Russian Gulags Fact

Russian Gulags Fact

Facts about Russian Gulags 3: the administrator of Gulags

GPU or State Political Administration was the first administrator of Gulags. Then it was handed down to NKVD. MVD or Ministry of Internal Affairs took the role during the last years of Gulags.

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Facts about Russian Gulags 4: the first labor camp

After the revolution in Russia, the first labor camp was established under the name Solovki prison camp in 1918. On 15th April 1919, the decree was enacted to legalize the forced labor camp. In 1920s, it had the population of 100,000 individuals due to the rapid growth of the internment system.

Facts about Russian Gulags 5: the mortality rate in the camp

The annual mortality rate was 5 percent in 1933 in the concentration camp based on the research of Nicolas Werth presented in his book, The Black Book of Communism. In 1942 to 1943, the annual mortality rate was increased to 20 percent. In the early 1950s, the mortality rate was decreased to 1- 3 percent during the post war period.

Russian Gulags Pic

Russian Gulags Pic

Facts about Russian Gulags 6: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Have you ever heard about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? He was the writer of The Gulag Archipelago published in 1973, which earned him an international reputation. He was awarded with Nobel Prize of Literature. This man had lived in the Gulag for eight years.

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Facts about Russian Gulags 7: the description of Gulag according to Solzhenitsyn

Solzhenitsyn stated that the Gulag was the place where people worked until they died.

Facts about Russian Gulags 8: the camp type detention facilities

The camp type detention facilities were established in the country in 1918.

Facts about Russian Gulags

Facts about Russian Gulags

Facts about Russian Gulags 9: the economy

There was a hypothesis which stated that the formation of Gulags were in line with the Russian economy.

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Facts about Russian Gulags 10: the number of prisoners

The number of prisoners reached 200,000 individuals according to 1931-1932 archives.

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