10 Facts about Russian Music

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Facts about Russian Music talk about the music of Russia. The music in the country has diverse nature due to the many ethnic groups living in the country. The history of present day Russia, Soviet Union and Roman Empire also affect the development of Russian Music. The long history of Russian music began with ritual folk songs. Then they were developed with sacred music, which celebrated the Russian Orthodox Church. The classical music of Russia was developed in 19th century. The music received the acclaims from the critics. Various composers appeared in 20th century. Then it has been developed into various genres like Russian Pop, Russian hip-hop and Russian rock. Check out other cool facts about Russian music below:

Facts about Russian Music 1: Russian music in medieval period

The string musical instruments were considered as the most popular ones during the medieval period. One of them was gudok or gusli.

Facts about Russian Music 2: other musical instruments

Buben and treshchotka were the common examples of percussive instruments. Svirel was a kind of flutes, which earned great popularity in Russia.

Russian Music Facts

Russian Music Facts

Facts about Russian Music 3: singing

Singing was considered as the most popular form of music in Russia. The songs were mostly about the folk heroes.

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Facts about Russian Music 4: Russian music in period of Muscovy

Two primary genres occurred during the period of Muscovy. Both were the secular music and sacred music. The former one was related for entertaining the people. The latter one was created in line with the Orthodox Church.

Facts about Russian Music 5: the development of the sacred music

The development of the sacred music in the country was mainly affected by the Byzantine Empire. However, coral singing and bell ringing were employed the most to show to the Russian Orthodox elements.

Russian Music

Russian Music

Facts about Russian Music 6: the secular music

The noble people were entertained by the skomorokhs during the holidays. The secular music also employs string instruments and fipple flutes. Skomorokhs and other secular music were banned to be played in the country in 17th century during Great Russian Schism.

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Facts about Russian Music 7: Joseph Stalin

The creativity of the musicians was limited under the reign of Joseph Stalin. Experimentation of music was discouraged by the Russian government. On the other hand, the people should prefer to the classical music.

Facts about Russian Music 8: the Russian pop and rock music

The modern Russian pop and music began to develop in 1960s and 1970s. Before it was aired, the music should be approved by the censorship.

Facts about Russian Music

Facts about Russian Music

Facts about Russian Music 9: the pop stars

The famous pop stars at that time were Valery Leontiev, Iosif Kobzon, Alla Pugacheva and Yuri Antonov.

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Facts about Russian Music 10: the Russian music in modern era

The music of Modern Russian includes trip pop, pop, rock and reggae.

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