10 Facts about Russian Revolution

Post On: September 12, 2018

Facts about Russian Revolution inform the readers with the Revolution in Russia, which took place in 1917. It marked the new era in the country for Soviet Union was established and the Tsarist autocracy was removed. Before Russia was at the hand of the Soviet Union, it was led by a Tsar. His name was Emperor Nicholas II. He was abdicated during the revolution, which marked the end of Russian Empire. The revolution took place in February 1917. It became one of the important events in Russian History. Let us get other interesting facts about Russian Revolution below:

Facts about Russian Revolution 1: the center of Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution was centered on the Russian Capital. At that time, it was located in Petrograd. The present day name of the city is Saint Petersburg.

Facts about Russian Revolution 2: the Duma

The Duma was defined as the members of Imperial parliament. It was mostly occupied by the noble aristocracy and capitalists. The Russian Provincial Government was formed by the Duma.

Russian Revolution Facts

Russian Revolution Facts

Facts about Russian Revolution 3: the abdication of Nicholas II

Nicholas II was abdicated from his position as a tsar in Russian Empire because the army did not have any means to stop the big revolution.

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Facts about Russian Revolution 4: the members of the soviets

The working class people and soldiers dominated the soviets. At first, they agreed to have the Provincial Government to run in the country. However, they wanted to have a greater level of influence in the militias and governmental issues.

Facts about Russian Revolution 5: the role of Russian Army

Some members of the Russian army were caught in the state of mutiny due to the effect of the First World War.

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution

Facts about Russian Revolution 6: the chaotic period

The chaotic period occurred during the Russian Revolution. It was filled with strikes, protests and mutinies.

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Facts about Russian Revolution 7: Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin appeared as one of the famous figures during the Russian Revolution. He launched a campaign to end the war in Russia. He was promised bread for the workers, while the peasants had their land. He became the leader of the Red Army who recruited the militias under his wing.

Facts about Russian Revolution 8: overthrowing the Provincial Government

The Provincial Government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks during the October Revolution in 1917. Then Moscow was selected as their center of authority.

Facts about Russian Revolution

Facts about Russian Revolution

Facts about Russian Revolution 9: establishing socialist republic

The socialist republic was established after ending the Russian Empire. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk marked the end of the Russia’s participation in the First World War. In March 1918, the Treaty was signed by the Bolshevik leaders and Germany.

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Facts about Russian Revolution 10: civil war

Then the civil war took place between the Bolsheviks, non-Bolshevik socialist, independent movement, and White Army.

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