10 Facts about Ruth Benerito

Post On: September 14, 2018

Facts about Ruth Benerito give the readers the information about the American chemist. She was also known as an inventor. The birth date of Benerito was on 12 January 1916. She passed away on 5th October 2013. The most notable work of Benerito was related to the textile industry. Do you know that Benerito had 55 patents under her name? The famous work of Benerito was the way and wear cotton fabrics. Let us check other interesting facts about Benerito below:

Facts about Ruth Benerito 1: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Benerito was located in New Orleans. His father was a railroad official and civil engineer. His name was John Edward Benerito. Ruth often depicted his father was an important figure in the women’s liberation. Her mother was an artist. Her name was Bernadette.

Facts about Ruth Benerito 2: the point of view of her parents

Benerito’s parents supported education toward women. Moreover, they also believed about the women’s rights.

Ruth Benerito Facts

Ruth Benerito Facts

Facts about Ruth Benerito 3: the early years

Benerito spent her early years during the Great Depression in United States. At that time, one of five Americans was jobless. Finally, Benerito got her B.S. in chemistry.

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Facts about Ruth Benerito 4: math

Do you know that Ruth was interested with math before she focused on chemistry? She decided to study chemistry instead of math because she did not want to end up earning a living in the insurance companies estimating probabilities.

Facts about Ruth Benerito 5: achievements

In her later years, Benerito was successful enough because she had many achievements. She believed that the effort of many people brought success to her.

Ruth Benerito

Ruth Benerito

Facts about Ruth Benerito 6: the personal success

She believed that the members of the family contributed the personal success of Benerito. Furthermore, she said that the colleagues and teachers also played an important role in developing her professional success.

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Facts about Ruth Benerito 7: education

The father of Ruth was an open-minded person who tried to liberate his daughters. Therefore, he made sure that all his daughters would have access to the higher education. At that time, it was not common for a girl to have higher education.

Facts about Ruth Benerito 8: the college education

Benerito was enrolled to Sophie Newcomb College when she was 15 years old. She got a degree in chemistry, math and physics from the college. Then she had one year of graduate studies at Bryn Mawr College. Then she became a teacher at Newcomb. She attended University of Chicago and earned a doctorate degree in 1948.

Facts about Ruth Benerito

Facts about Ruth Benerito

Facts about Ruth Benerito 9: the career in US Department of Agriculture

Most of Ruth’s career was in US Department of Agriculture located in New Orleans at USDA Southern Regional Research Center. She earned the promotion as a project leader in 1955.

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Facts about Ruth Benerito 10: the most prominent work of Benerito

The most notable work of Benerito was related to the production of cotton where she employed monobasic acid chlorides.

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