10 Facts about Ruth Ellis

Post On: September 14, 2018

Facts about Ruth Ellis tell us about the British model. She was born on October 9th, 1926 and died on July 13th, 1955. People also recognize her as a nightclub hostess. People began to notice her as the last woman hanged in UK. Ellis received her punishment for she killed David Blakely. He was her lover. Let us find out more about Ruth Ellis by reading the following post.

Facts about Ruth Ellis 1: the early life

Have you ever known the early life of Ellis? She and her family settled in Basingstoke, Hampshire after moving from Rhyl during the early years of Ellis. Then the family decided to live in Hampstead London in 1941.

Facts about Ruth Ellis 2: a nightclub host

Ellis became a nightclub host in London when she was a teen. She ended up in chaos because of this job. She had many relationships with men. David Blakely was one of them. He had engaged to another woman, but he and Ellis had a relationship. Blakely was known as a racing driver.

Ruth Ellis

Ruth Ellis

Facts about Ruth Ellis 3: killing Blakely

Blakely was shot by Ellis in Hampstead on April 10th, 1955. It was on Easter Sunday outside the Magdala public house. The off duty police officer arrested her after the incident.

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Facts about Ruth Ellis 4: the trial

Ellis was sentenced to death after she was found guilty during the trial in June 1955.

Facts about Ruth Ellis 5: death

Ellis was hanged at HM Prison Holloway on July 13th, 1955.

Ruth Ellis Pic

Ruth Ellis Pic

Facts about Ruth Ellis 6: the early life

Let us find out the early life of Ellis. The birthplace of Ellis was located in Rhyl, North Wales. Her father was a cellist from Manchester. His name was Arthur Hornby. Her mother was a Belgian refugee. Her name was Elisaberta Goethals. There were six kids in the family. Ellis was the fifth one.

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Facts about Ruth Ellis 7: education

Ellis was a student of Fairfields Senior Girls’ School in Basingstoke. She worked as a waitress after leaving school at the age of 14.

Facts about Ruth Ellis 8: pregnancy

Ellis had a son with a married soldier from Canada. His name was Clare. Ruth was only 17 years old when giving birth to her son in 1944. She named the baby boy Clare Andrea Neilson. He was called Andy. Finally, her son had to live with Ellis’s mother after Clare stopped sending money after a year.

Facts about Ruth Ellis

Facts about Ruth Ellis

Facts about Ruth Ellis 9: a nightclub hotel

Ruth earned more money by working as a nightclub hostess. One of her regular customers made her pregnant in 1950. During the third month of her pregnancy, she terminated the baby illegally. Ellis then married George Johnston Ellis on November 8th, 1950. He was 41 years old. He had two sons from previous marriage. The marriage did not well since he believed that Ruth was having an affair behind his back.

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Facts about Ruth Ellis 10: the official hangman

Albert Pierrepoint served as the official hangman in Ellis’ case.

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