10 Facts about Ruth Handler

Post On: September 14, 2018

Facts about Ruth Handler talk about the American businesswoman. Handler was born on 4th November 1916 and died on 27th April 2002. People also recognize her as an inventor. Have you ever heard about Mattel Inc.? Handler was the president of this toy manufacturing company. The best invention of Handler was the Barbie doll, which affected all life of kids in the world. However, Jack Ryan took the credit as the designer. Let us check out the whole post for more information about Ruth Handler.

Facts about Ruth Handler 1: the birth name

The birth name of Handler was Ruth Marianna Mosko. Her birthplace is located in Denver, Colorado. Her father was Jacob Mosko, while her mother was Ida Mosko. Both of them were the Polish Jewish immigrants.

Facts about Ruth Handler 2: Elliot Handler

Elliot Handler was the husband of Ruth Handler. He was her boyfriend in the high school. In 1938, the married couple relocated to Los Angeles.

Ruth Handler Facts

Ruth Handler Facts

Facts about Ruth Handler 3: furniture

Her husband was interested to make furniture. He had an idea to use Plexiglas, Lucite and plastics to make the furniture. Ruth also supported the idea and encouraged her husband to sell the furniture. Then the couple was involved in the furniture business. Ruth played an important role in the business that she was capable to obtain contract with many companies. One of them was with Douglas Aircraft.

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Facts about Ruth Handler 4: the formation of Mattel Company

Elliot Handler had a business partner. His name is Harold “Matt” Matson. The duo decided to establish a company called Mattel. The name is selected by combining their names Matt and Elliot. The primary purpose of this company was to manufacture the picture frames.

Facts about Ruth Handler 5: the dollhouse furniture

Since the picture frames had many scraps. They decided not to throw them away. Instead, they used them to create dollhouse furniture.

Ruth Handler

Ruth Handler

Facts about Ruth Handler 6: profitability

It was very surprising because the dollhouse furniture was more commercial than the picture frames. Then the company was directed to focus on the toy manufacturing. “Uke-a-doodle” was considered as the first major hit of the company.

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Facts about Ruth Handler 7: Barbara

Barbara was the name of Ruth’s daughter. She stated that her daughter played with her paper dolls. It gave her an idea to make a three dimensional plastic paper doll.

Facts about Ruth Handler 8: the German Bild Lilli doll

Ruth saw a Bild Lilli doll and purchased it while she vacationed in Germany. She re-created her own doll and called it Barbie doll.

Facts about Ruth Handler

Facts about Ruth Handler

Facts about Ruth Handler 9: the debut of Barbie doll

On 9 March 1959, the Barbie doll made its debut at New York toy fair.

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Facts about Ruth Handler 10: the success

After its launch at the toy fair, it was not successful. The sales were rocketed when it was commercially advertised.

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