10 Facts about Ruth Park

Post On: September 14, 2018

Facts about Ruth Park inform us with the famous New Zealand born Australian writer. Park was born on August 24th, 1917. She died on December 14th, 2010. In 1948, her novel under the title The Harp in the South was published in the market. It was known as one of her famous works. In 1980, the novel Playing with Beatie Bow was circulated in the market. Park also wrote a serial for children’s radio. It was aired in 1951 until 1970 with the title the Muddle-Headed Wombat. It was transformed into a book series published in 1962 until 1982. Get other interesting facts about Ruth Park by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ruth Park 1: the birthplace and parents

Her mother was Swedish, while her father was Scottish. The birthplace of Park was located in Auckland.

Facts about Ruth Park 2: the early life of her family

Do you know that Ruth Park’s family lived in isolated areas in the town of Te Kuiti? It was located far south of North Island, New Zealand.

Ruth Park Facts

Ruth Park Facts

Facts about Ruth Park 3: the father of Park

Her father worked various jobs during the Great Depression. He was a working class person. He had worked as a driver, laborer for bridges and bush roads. He also became a sawmill hand. Then he worked for a municipal council after relocating to Auckland. He and his family lived in a public house.

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Facts about Ruth Park 4: education of Park

Park studied at a catholic primary school. When she reached the secondary school, she was awarded with a partial scholarship. Since she could attend the class, she had broken high school. She attended Auckland University and earned an external degree.

Facts about Ruth Park 5: a professional writer

Her career as a professional writer began with Auckland Star newspaper. However, she found the job unchallenging. When San Francisco Examiner offered her a job as a journalist, she accepted it with the hope to expand her view. She changed due to the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

Ruth Park

Ruth Park

Facts about Ruth Park 6: moving or Australia

In 1942, she decided to live in Sydney Australia bacause she had to change his plan related to the offer from San Francisco Examiner.

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Facts about Ruth Park 7: D’Arcy Niland

D’Arcy Niland had been a pen pal of Ruth Park for some years. He was an Australian author. Niland and Park married in 1942. The couple was blessed with five kids.

Facts about Ruth Park 8: the death of her husband

Niland passed away at the age of 49 in Sydney because of heart ailment. Park was very heartbroken.

Facts about Ruth Park

Facts about Ruth Park

Facts about Ruth Park 9: the story of The Harp in the South

Have you ever read The Harp in the South? The book has been sold globally in 37 languages. The graphic story in the book is focused on the Irish slum life in Sydney.

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Facts about Ruth Park 10: the sequel of The Harp in the South

The Harp in the South has its sequel. In 1985, Missus was published.

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