10 Facts about Tabla

Post On: September 17, 2018
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Facts about Tabla present the information about the musical instrument from Indian subcontinent. The tabla comes in a set for it consists of two drums. The musicians will play tabla for their folk, popular, classical and traditional music. Since the 18th century, tabla has been included in the list of the most important musical instruments in the Hindustani classical music. In this present day, tabla is still played in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It is believed that the word tabla is derived from the Persian or Arabic word of tabl. The meaning of the word is drum. Let us check other impressive facts about tabla in the following post below:

Facts about Tabla 1: the origin of tabla

Finding the origin of tabla is not easy to do since many scholars have different opinions related to the origin of this instrument. Some believe that tabla was evolved from the musical instrument of the native people who lived in Indian subcontinent. On the other hand, some believe that it was found in West Asia.

Facts about Tabla 2: the instruments found in tabla

You can find small drums on the tabla. Their shape reminds you with the barrel. The drums also feature the two single heads. The size and shape are different. The bahina is also called dagga, which means left. The daya is also called dahina which means right.



Facts about Tabla 3: the hands of the musicians

The right hand of the musician will be used to play the daya table. That is considered as the dominant hand. The height is measured at 25 cm. The diameter is measured at 15 cm.

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Facts about Tabla 4: the baya tabla

The height of the baya tabla is 25 cm. It has the diameter of 20 cm. The shape is in deep kettledrum. It is bigger compared to the daya tabla.

Facts about Tabla 5: material

The tabla is mostly created from brass, clay or wood. It has hollows.

Tabla pic

Tabla pic

Facts about Tabla 6: pitch and tone color

The change on the tone color and pitch of the tabla will be felt by the musician by using the heel pressure of his hands.

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Facts about Tabla 7: is it easy to play tabla?

If you think that playing tabla is easy, you are wrong. It is a difficult instrument to learn. The fingers and palms will be used extensively when playing table. Since it has a complex playing technique, the musicians should practice it repeatedly.

Facts about Tabla 8: the playing style

Kula bol and band bol are the most common ways of playing tabla according to the Hindustani style.

Facts about Tabla

Facts about Tabla

Facts about Tabla 9: the Sufi musicians

The Sufi musicians will define the music mainly from the tabla since it plays an important role in the qawali music.

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Facts about Tabla 10: the history of tabla

Until this present day, people are still in debate related to the history of tabla.

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