10 Facts about Table Tennis

Post On: September 17, 2018
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Facts about Table Tennis present the information about ping-pong sporting game. The small bats will be used when you play ping-pong. The type of ball is also different from tennis ball since it is very light. The game involves two or four players. The net will be used to divide a hard table used to play the game. You can make a point from table tennis if the opponent player fails to return the ball. If you think that playing ping-pong is easy, you are very wrong.

Facts about Table Tennis 1: the playing style

The playing style of table tennis is fast. You will need to respond immediately when playing this game. It needs a quick reaction for the player to win the game. The hitter will have greater level of advantage if he or she can spin the ball by altering the trajectory.

Facts about Table Tennis 2: the governing body

Do you know the governing body for table tennis? ITTF or International Table Tennis Federation took the role to govern the game.

Facts about Table Tennis

Facts about Table Tennis

Facts about Table Tennis 3: the members of ITTF

ITTF has 226 member associations. You can check the handbook of ITTF if you are interested to learn about the official rules in table tennis.

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Facts about Table Tennis 4: an Olympic sport

Since 1988, ping-pong has been played as one of the popular Olympic sports. It has a number of event categories.

Facts about Table Tennis 5: the event categories

The women’s doubles, men’s doubles, women’s singles and men singles were the event categories played in 1988 until 2004. The doubles have not been played anymore since 2008. They are played in a team event.

Table Tennis Ball

Table Tennis Ball

Facts about Table Tennis 6: the ball

The size of the ball used for ping-pong is defined by the international rules. The diameter is 1.57 inches or 40 millimeters. It has the mass of 0.095 oz or 2.7 grams.

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Facts about Table Tennis 7: the material to make the ball

As of 2015, the ball for playing ping-pong has been made of celluloid. In the past, it was made of polymer.

Facts about Table Tennis 8: the color and finish

The ball has the matte finish. The color can be orange or white.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Facts about Table Tennis 9: the Olympic competition

During the Olympic competition, the Chinese team earned four one bronze, three silvers and four gold medals.

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Facts about Table Tennis 10: the table

Do you know the measurement of the table for ping-pong? The width reaches 5 feet or 1.525 meter. The length is measured at 0 feet or 2.74 meter. The height is measured at 2.5 feet or 76 cm. The table is divided in two parts separated by a net. The color of the table is in matte finish and dark color. The height of the net is 6 inches or 15.25 cm. The table created from wood and its derivates are approved by the ITTF.

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