10 Facts about Taekwondo

Post On: September 18, 2018
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Facts about Taekwondo show you some important information about a Korean martial art. The primary characteristics of this sport are centered on the fast kicking methods, spinning kicks, head height kicks and jumping kicks. Have you ever tried to learn taekwondo before? It will be fun. In 1940 and 1950s, taekwondo was developed by the martial artists from Korea. It was developed from the native Korean martial arts, Chinese martial art and karate. The former ones include Gwonbeop, Subak and Taekkyeon. Let us check other facts about taekwondo below:

Facts about Taekwondo 1: KTA

KTA stands for Korea Taekwondo Association. It was established in 1959 after the nine original kawns in Korea decided to have a governing body.

Facts about Taekwondo 2: ITF

ITF stands for the International Taekwondo-Do Federation. It takes the role as the primary international organizational body. In 1966, Choi Hong Hi founded the ITF. The Korea Taekwondo Association formed Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo in 1972 and 1973.

Taekwondo Facts

Taekwondo Facts

Facts about Taekwondo 3: World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo assumes the role as the governing body for the taekwondo in the Paralympics and Olympics.

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Facts about Taekwondo 4: Choi’s Theory of Power

If you like playing taekwondo, you must know about Choi’s Theory of Power. The ITF practitioners used the term to define the analysis of Choi related to the primary characteristics of taekwondo. He believed that this sport focuses on agility and speed.

Facts about Taekwondo 5: components of Theory of Power

Can you mention the components of Theory of Power? They include three important things. Those are mass, reaction force and speed.



Facts about Taekwondo 6: the reaction force

The reaction force consists of three major things. They are breath control, equilibrium and concentration.

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Facts about Taekwondo 7: learning at Taekwondo School

You can go to the taekwondo schools or clubs if you want to learn or practice this sport. The students will learn some common things such as self-defense techniques, breaking, forms, sparking, falling and throwing techniques. Breaking is divided in two items. Both are the speed breaking and power breaking.

Facts about Taekwondo 8: weapon training

Weapon training is also common in Taekwondo School though it is included in the formal curricula.

Facts about Taekwondo

Facts about Taekwondo

Facts about Taekwondo 9: the uniform

When the students want to practice taekwondo in the club or school, they have to wear dobok or a white uniform. The belt will be tied on the waist. White is considered as the traditional color worn for the uniform in taekwondo. The common dobok are the pull over V-neck jacket, cross Y neck and cross over front jacket.

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Facts about Taekwondo 10: dojang

Dojang is the place where the students will receive their lesson about taekwondo. The common translation for the word dojang is gymnasium. If you look at the modern dojang, it has impressive design. The flooring is padded.

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