10 Facts about Taeyeon

Post On: September 18, 2018

You can find out the information about the famous Korean singer on Facts about Taeyeon. If you like Kpop, you must know her. She was born on 9th March 1989. In 2007, she had her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation. The girl group is very famous and popular in the country. Before her debut, she was trained at Starlight Academy of SM Entertainment during her middle school years. She appears as a prominent artist in Asian music world. She also takes part in a number of SM projects such as Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG, SM the Ballad and Girls’ Generation-TTS. She also provides soundtracks for Korean films and dramas. The following post will show you other interesting facts about Taeyeon:

Facts about Taeyeon 1: a solo career

In 2015, Taeyeon had her solo career. She released her play album under the title I. The title track was very popular because it had been sold more than one million digital copies. In the Gaon Album Chart of South Korea, it took number 2.

Facts about Taeyeon 2: the second extended play

In 2016, Taeyeon released her second extended play under the title Why. It took number one in the music chart. “Starlight” and “Why” were the popular singles from the play.

Taeyeon Pic

Taeyeon Pic

Facts about Taeyeon 3: the debut studio album

In 2017, Taeyeon released My Voice. It was her first debut studio album.The most popular singles from the album were “Make Me Love You” and “Fine”.

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Facts about Taeyeon 4: awards

Taeyeon is considered as a popular and successful singer. There is no need to wonder that she has many awards. She is the recipient of two Seoul Music Awards, four Golden Disc Awards, one Mnet 20’s Choice Award, two Seoul International Drama Awards, one Gaon Chart Music Award and one Cyworld Digital Music Award.

Facts about Taeyeon 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Taeyeon was located in Jeonju, South Korea. She has a younger sister and an older brother.



Facts about Taeyeon 6: singing interest

Taeyeon has developed her passion and interest of singing since she was young. She always had a dream to become a singer. Moreover, singing was her only talent.

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Facts about Taeyeon 7: SM Academy

SM Academy was a former music institution of SM Entertainment. The president of the school was interested with the clean voice of Taeyeon. The One was the former vocal instructor of Taeyeon when she was trained in the academy.

Facts about Taeyeon 8:pre-debut inspirations

Taeyeon cited that her pre-debut inspirations were Utada Hikaru, Whitney Houston and BoA.

Facts about Taeyeon

Facts about Taeyeon

Facts about Taeyeon 9: a contract with SM Entertainment

Taeyeon got a contract with SM Entertainment after she won SM Youth Best Competition. She almost quit from SM because of the tough and hard training. However, she stayed and became a member of Girls’ Generation.

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Facts about Taeyeon 10: “Gee”

In 2009, the single “Gee” was released by Girls’ Generation. It was a total hit, which made the girl group including Taeyeon, received an instant success and fame.

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