10 Facts about Taiko Drumming

Post On: September 19, 2018
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If you want to know the Japanese percussion instruments, check Facts about Taiko Drumming. This term is used to call any type of drum in the country. However, kumi-daiko and wadaiko are considered as taiko drumming outside Japan. The former one is an ensemble of taiko drumming. The latter is defined as different kinds of Japanese drums. The construction of taiko drums needs a special method. The method of construction will determine the length of time used to prepare and create a taiko drum. It will need several years to prepare for the drum skin and body. However, each manufacturer will apply different processes when making taiko drum. Let’s get other impressive facts about taiko drumming below:

Facts about Taiko Drumming 1: the origin of taiko drum

The introduction of taiko drum in Japanese was traced back in the sixth century BC for it was influenced by the culture of China and Korea. However, the Japanese folklore explains the mythological origin of the drum.

Facts about Taiko Drumming 2: the function

If you think that taiko drum is only used to play music, you are very wrong. It has various types of functions. The Japanese people can use it for religious ceremony, theatrical performance, military action and communication.

Taiko Drum

Taiko Drum

Facts about Taiko Drumming 3: the importance in modern era

In the modern era, taiko drum has been as a symbol for the minority movement in Japan.

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Facts about Taiko Drumming 4: Kumi-daiko performance

In 1951, Kumi-daiko performance was performed by playing varied types of drums in an ensemble. If you visit Japan, it will be great if you watch the performance of Taiko drumming.

Facts about Taiko Drumming 5: the group of Kumi-daiko

Kumi-daiko group is also found outside Japan such as in Brazil, Canada, Australia and United States.

Taiko Drums

Taiko Drums

Facts about Taiko Drumming 6: the characteristics of Taiko performance

Instrumentation, clothing, technical rhythm, stick group and form are found on the taiko performance.

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Facts about Taiko Drumming 7: taiko drum and military action

Taiko drum is also used in military action. It was used to call out an announcement or order during the Feudal Japan.

Facts about Taiko Drumming 8: the international performance

Taiko drumming also has its international performance when the Summer Olympic games were held in Tokyo in 1964. It became one of the primary performances at the Festival Arts event.

Facts about Taiko Drum

Facts about Taiko Drum

Facts about Taiko Drumming 9: Nippon Taiko Foundation

Nippon Taiko Foundation is known as the largest national organization of taiko groups. It estimates that the number of taiko groups in Japan is 800 according to their membership.

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Facts about Taiko Drumming 10: drum makers

Since taiko drum is unique, some companies decide to specifically design and manufactured the drum. Since 1861, Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten in Tokyo has produced taiko drums. The other prominent manufacturer for taiko drum is Asano Taiko Corporation, which has produced the drum for almost 400 years.

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