10 Facts about Tails the Fox

Post On: September 20, 2018

Facts about Tails the Fox discuss the fictional character in Sega’s Sonic. Have you ever heard this character before? He is called the Tails. His full name is Miles Prower. He appears in the Hedgehog Series. His appearance is also spotted in other media like cartoons and comic books. The name of the character is taken from a pun of miles per hour. The creator than named it as Miles Prower. Despite the name as Tails the Fox, this character is a kitsune. He has two tails. His age is eight years old. Let us get other impressive facts about Tails the Fox below:

Facts about Tails the Fox 1: the ability to propel

Tails the Fox has amazing ability to propel. He will use his two tails to spin like a helicopter. He is often dubbed as a genius in mechanics.

Facts about Tails the Fox 2: the debut

In October 1992, Tails the Fox had its debut in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Facts about Tails the Fox

Facts about Tails the Fox

Facts about Tails the Fox 3: the primary character

Tails the Fox took the primary roles in several spinoff games in the middle of 1990s. Some of the games included Tails’ Skypatrol for the Game Gear and Tails and the Music Maker for the Sega Pico.

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Facts about Tails the Fox 4: popularity

Tails the Fox is a very popular character. However, it cannot beat the popularity of Sonic and Shadow. However, he is considered as the third most popular one in the game according to a poll in 2009.

Facts about Tails the Fox 5: the creator

Do you know the creator of Tails the Fox? He is Yasushi Yamaguchi. In the Sega’s Sonic Team, he is considered as the primary zone designer and artist. Actually, this character was created for a sidekick for the hedgehog during an internal competition.

Tails the Fox Facts

Tails the Fox Facts

Facts about Tails the Fox 6: the inspiration

Yamaguchi had his inspiration to draw Tails the Fox from the Japanese folklore of kitsune, which has multiple tails.

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Facts about Tails the Fox 7: winning the internal competition

Yamaguchi became the winner of the internal competition. Then the character was named into Miles Prower according to the wish of Sega of Japan. On the other hand, Tails is considered as the most preferred name according to the Sega of America, its American subsidiary.

Facts about Tails the Fox 8: convincing the name

The parent company of Sega and Sonic Team were convinced by the Sega of America to use the name Tails in the character. Eventually he was called Miles ”Tails” Prower.

Tails the Fox

Tails the Fox

Facts about Tails the Fox 9: Sonic Adventure

Yuji Uekawa was in charge to redesign Tails the Fox for Sonic Adventure.

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Facts about Tails the Fox 10: the new physical appearance

In Sonic Adventure, Tails the Fox has a brand new feature. At the beginning, he had orange shade on his fur. The new appearance was changed with yellowish shade on his fur.

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