10 Facts about Tails

Post On: September 20, 2018

Facts about Tails inform the readers with the rear part of animal’s body. Not all animals have tails. Birds, reptiles and mammals have tails. Tail is considered as one of the common features, which can be found on many vertebrates. However, tail can be found on the snails, slugs, springtails and scorpions though they are invertebrate. The tail like appendages found on those animals is also usually called by the people as tail. If you check the following post below, you will be informed with various kinds of information related to the tails of animals.

Facts about Tails 1: Arctic fox

Arctic fox has the biological name of Vulpes lagopus. To keep the body warm when they sleep, they will use the tail to wrap the body. It is functioned as a blanket for them.

Facts about Tails 2: fish and marine animals

Do you know the use of tails for the fish and marine animals? The tails are used for locomotion.



Facts about Tails 3: the land animals

The land animals use their tails to stay away the insects and flies.

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Facts about Tails 4: balance

The presence of tail is very important in the life of animal. Without a tail, it will be hard for the animals to keep their body in balance position. Do you know that kangaroos and cats use their tail for balancing the body?

Facts about Tails 5: the prehensile tail

Tail comes in a number of shapes and sizes. The unique one is the prehensile tail, which can be found on the opossums and New Work Monkeys. The tail enables the animals to catch the tree branches.

Tails Facts

Tails Facts

Facts about Tails 6: tail for social signaling

Social signaling is also conducted by using the tails in some animals. This behavior is found on some deer. They will try to give the warning to other deer about the possible danger by flashing the white under the tail. Another animal, which also performs the same behavior, is beaver. The tail will be slapped into the water to warn the danger.

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Facts about Tails 7: the emotion of animals

Do you know that the emotions of animals can be spotted through their movement and position of the tails? This behavior is found on the domestic dogs and other canid animals.

Facts about Tails 8: the feature of tails

Venom is found on the tails of some scorpions. That is why you have to be careful with it. Other animals have their tails with armor for protection.

Facts about Tails

Facts about Tails

Facts about Tails 9: lizard

The next unique behavior is found on the lizard. The tail of a lizard can be detached from the body. The predator, which tries to catch them, will be distracted with the tail. It gives the lizard an opportunity to escape.

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Facts about Tails 10: the tail cast

Over the time, the tail can grow again after the lizard detaches it. However, the color of the tail usually is darker.

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