10 Facts about Taipei

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Facts about Taipei elaborate the details about the capital of Taiwan. In the past, the state was officially called ROC or Republic of China. The official name of the city of Taipei City. The city as an ancient lakebed called Taipei Basin. Most parts of the city are situated near the basin. According to the report in 2015, the population of the city proper reached 2,704,810 people. The people who lived in Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area were around 7,047,550 individuals. The center of culture, education, economy and politics in Taiwan is located in Taipei. It takes the title as the global city. In East Asia, Taipei serves as the major hub. Let us get other interesting facts about Taipei by reading the following post below:

Facts about Taipei 1: the industries

The industries in Taipei are flourished. There is no need to wonder that Taipei is connected with many parts of the islands through the airports, highways, high-speed rails, bus lines and railways.

Facts about Taipei 2: the airports

Taipei has two major airports. Both are the Taiwan Taoyuan and Taipei Songshan.

Taipei Facts

Taipei Facts

Facts about Taipei 3: the cultural landmark

Many people are interested to visit Taipei due to its amazing cultural and architectural landmarks. You can spot Lungshan Temple of Manka, Dalongdong Baoan Temple, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, Presidential Office Building, National Palace Museum, and Taipei Guest House. You have to visit them if you come to the country.

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Facts about Taipei 4: Taiwan Miracle

The development of Taipei is very dramatic. That is why it is called the Taiwan Miracle since the dramatic look was spotted mostly in Taipei. In 1960s, the city earned greater level of direct investment.

Facts about Taipei 5: the creditor of economy

As of December 2012, Taiwan had the foreign exchange reserves of US$403 billion. The Asian financial crisis did not seem to affect the country. In 2014, the GDP of Taipei reached US$327 billion.



Facts about Taipei 6: the fifth highest GDP per capita city

Do you know that the fifth highest GDP per capita city in East Asia has been taken by Taipei in 2013? Moreover, the potential growth of economic in the city ranked second according to the Financial Times.

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Facts about Taipei 7: the number of billionaires

Do you know that at least 30 billionaires lived in the Taipei? In the world, it takes the 16th rank for the city with the most billionaires.

Facts about Taipei 8: the primary fields of development

Financial service, wholesale and retail, biotechnology, and communication technology are some primary fields developed in the city.

Facts about Taipei

Facts about Taipei

Facts about Taipei 9: the major corporations and firms

D-Link, Tatung Company, Fubon Financial Holding, CTBC Bank and Asus are some major corporations based in the city. Due to the high level of economy in the city, it attracts international financial institution, multinational companies and tourists.

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Facts about Taipei 10: tourism

One of the biggest sources of Taipei’s economy is tourism. More than 6.3 million people visited Taipei in 2013.

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