10 Facts about Taize

Post On: September 19, 2018

Facts about Taize present the information about the community living in Taize Burgundy, France. It is considered as an ecumenical Christian monastic fraternity. Have you ever visited the fraternity before? Brother Roger Schütz was a Reformed Protestant who established Taize community in 1940. Now the community has at least 100 brothers. They employ the Protestant and Catholic traditions. In 1954, The Rule of Taize was published in French for the first time. Brother Roger was the writer of the book. It contains the guidelines for the members of the Taize community in their lifestyle. Here are other interesting facts about Taize to notice:

Facts about Taize 1: the importance of Taize

Taize is important in France because it has been one of the most notable sites for the Christian pilgrims. The community is centered on the youth. There is no need to wonder that Taize has been visited by many young Christians from all over the world.

Facts about Taize 2: the number of young pilgrims

Can you guess the number of young pilgrims who visit Taize? The community has been visited by at least 100,000 young people from many countries in the world.



Facts about Taize 3: activities

There are a number of activities conducted by the pilgrims when visiting Taize. They would like to do the communal work. Some of them also like to share their religious journey. They also conduct the Bible study and prayer.

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Facts about Taize 4: the lifestyle and point of view

Taize tries to apply the spirit of reconciliation, simplicity and kindness to their members of the community.

Facts about Taize 5: the Church of Reconciliation

On 6 August 1962, the inauguration of the Church of Reconciliation took place at the community church. Brother Denis was a member of the community who created the design of the church. He was also an architect.

Taize Facts

Taize Facts

Facts about Taize 6: the foundation of Taize

In 1940, Brother Roger or Roger Schütz created the Taize Community. He wanted to apply the scripture in the daily life.

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Facts about Taize 7: Why settled in France

Brother Roger believed that his vision was ideal in France because it depicted the land of inner freedom though it was noted at the land of wartime suffering and land of poverty. At that time, France was affected by the impact of the Second World War. Roger was from Switzerland. His home country was not affected by the war because of their neutrality.

Facts about Taize 8: the home of Taize community

Before it grows like today, Taize community only lived in a small home bought by Roger in September 1940.

Facts about Taize

Facts about Taize

Facts about Taize 9: as a sanctuary

The small house became a sanctuary for the refugees who wanted to be safe during the Second World War.

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Facts about Taize 10: celebration of the 70th anniversary

A number of famous church leaders in the world like Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow, Pope Benedict XVI and John Sentamu sent ecumenical messages of love and benediction to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Taize in 2010.

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