10 Facts about Tamil Language

Post On: September 21, 2018

Facts about Tamil Language make you learn more about the common language spoken by the Tamil people who lived in India and Sri Lanka. It is considered as Dravidian language. Singapore and Sri Lanka have Tamil as their official language. The Indian Union Territory of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu of India also apply the official status in Tamil Language. In Malaysian education, English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil languages are used. Check out other impressive facts about Tamil Language below:

Facts about Tamil Language 1: the people who speak Tamil

A number of people who live in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala also speak Tamil. Do you know that minorities who live in Nicobar and Andaman Islands also speak the language?

Facts about Tamil Language 2: classical language

Tamil is considered as one of the classical language in the world. In the list of the most spoken languages in the world, it takes the 20th place.

Facts about Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language 3: the age of the Dravidian language family

It was believed that the Dravidian language family was originated 4000 to 4500 years ago according to the research.

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Facts about Tamil Language 4: classical Tamil literature

The classical Tamil literature still survives until this present day. Many people try to learn from it. That is why, the Tamil works are included in the examples of great classical literature for the people in the world.

Facts about Tamil Language 5: the recorded Tamil literature

The documentation of Tamil literature has been conducted for more than 2000 years. Sangam literature is considered as the earliest one in Tamil literature. It was traced back circa 300 BC to AD300.

Tamil Language

Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language 6: Tamil manuscript

Tamil was the language used to write the two earliest manuscripts in the country. In 1997 and 2005, both manuscripts were registered in UNESCO Memory of the World.

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Facts about Tamil Language 7: Thambiraan Vanakkam

Thambiraan Vanakkam is the title of a Tamil prayer book written by Christian missionaries from Portugal in 1578.

Facts about Tamil Language 8: the number of Tamil newspaper

The number of newspapers written in Tamil reached 1,863 based on the survey conducted in 2001. The daily newspaper accounts 353 of them.

Tamil Languages

Tamil Languages

Facts about Tamil Language 9: the period of Tamil language

The first period of Tamil language begins with the Old Tamil. It begins in the third century BC and ended in the eighth century AD. Some caves and potteries are the evidence, which featured the Old Tamil inscriptions spanning from the third and second century BC. The Old Tamil then evolved into Middle Tamil. The changes were spotted on the grammar and phonology of the language.

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Facts about Tamil Language 10: modern Tamil

The present period of Tamil language is Modern Tamil. In the modern literary Tamil, it is considered as the standard one with the Nannul grammar. The arrival of the changes in modern Tamil was also affected by the presence of the European people.

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