10 Facts about Tamil Nadu

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You will be informed Facts about Tamil Nadu in the following post before. In the past, it was called Madras State. Chennai is the largest city in the state. It also serves as the capital of Tamil Nadu. The former name of Chennai is Madras. According to the number of population, it takes number 6. According to the area, it is the 11th largest one in the country. In 2015, the Human Development Index of Tamil Nadu took the third place. The economy in Tamil Nadu is flourished because it is the second largest economical state. The first place is for Maharashtra. Check out other impressive facts about Tamil Nadu below:

Facts about Tamil Nadu 1: the beauty of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state. Many people like to visit it for it has many religious pilgrimage sites. You can spot some historic buildings. It also has 8 World Heritage Sites.

Facts about Tamil Nadu 2: the culture heritage

Tamil Nadu is rich of culture. You can find amazing local and traditional cuisines, dance, music, theatre and literature.

Tamil Nadu Facts

Tamil Nadu Facts

Facts about Tamil Nadu 3: drought

The state is very prone to drought. The life of the people depends on the monsoon. When there is no monsoon, the risk of lack of water is high. Tamil Nadu has semi-arid to semi humid climate. The south-southwest winds are spotted from the southwest monsoon. It takes place from June to September. The dominant northeast winds are spotted from October to December during the northeast monsoon.

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Facts about Tamil Nadu 4: the yearly rainfall

Tamil Nadu has the yearly rainfall of 37.2 inches or 945 mm. 32 percent of the rainfall is from the southwest monsoon, while the 48 percent is from the northeast monsoon.

Facts about Tamil Nadu 5: the fauna

Tamil Nadu is rich with animals. It is a home for various kinds of wildlife species. You can spot tigers, elephants, gaurs, sloth bears, grizzled giant squirrels, lion-tailed macaques, darters, herons, little grebes and many more.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Facts about Tamil Nadu 6: the common plants

Tamil Nadu is also a home to many kinds of plants. You can spot clumping bamboos, eucalyptus, palmyra palm, cinchona and rubber here. The state also has unique plants like Habenaria rariflora and Combretum ovalifolium. The former one is an orchid.

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Facts about Tamil Nadu 7: tiger reserves

The famous tiger reserves in the state are Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Mukurthi National Park and Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve.

Facts about Tamil Nadu 8: the head of the state

The head of the state in Tamil Nadu is at the hand of the Governor. The head of the government is at the hand of the Chief Minister.

Facts about Tamil Nadu

Facts about Tamil Nadu

Facts about Tamil Nadu 9: population

Tamil Nadu is a home for 72,147,030 people.

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Facts about Tamil Nadu 10: religion

Hinduism is embraced by 87.58 percent of the population. It is followed by Christianity, Islam, Jainism and Sikhism.

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