10 Facts about Tampa Florida

Post On: September 22, 2018
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Have you ever visited Tampa before? It is a major city in Florida, US. If you read the whole post below, you will know facts about Tampa Florida. The location of Tamp is on Tampa Bay Florida. Tampa Bay Area is considered as the largest city. According to the census in 2010, it was a home for 335,709 people. In 2016, the people who lived here were around 377,165 people. The area had been occupied by the indigenous people dated back thousands of years ago. In 16th century, the Spanish explorers came to the area. The Spanish and indigenous people came into contact briefly. The native people were collapsed due to the diseases from the European people.

Facts about Tampa Florida 1: the disappearance of native people

The permanent settlement in Tampa was not spotted after the native people disappeared from the area. In 1821, Florida was acquired from Spain by the United States.

Facts about Tampa Florida 2: the first civilian residence

The farmers and ranchers were considered as the first civilian residents who lived in Tampa. The slow growth was spotted. It was known as a small shipping port for citrus and cattle.

Tampa Florida

Tampa Florida

Facts about Tampa Florida 3: the improvement and development

In 1880s, Tampa began to evolve economically because of the cigar industry and discovery of phosphate. In 1880, it was only a home for 880 people. By the beginning of 1900s, it was a home for more than 30,000 people.

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Facts about Tampa Florida 4: climate

According to the Koppen Cfa zone, the climate of Tampa Bay area is humid subtropical.

Facts about Tampa Florida 5: the climatic features

The winter season is mild. The summer season is often accentuated with thunderstorm. It is hot.

Tampa Florida Facts

Tampa Florida Facts

Facts about Tampa Florida 6: Sulphur Springs Water Tower

One of the famous landmarks in Tampa Florida is Sulphur Springs Water Tower. It was built in the end of 1920s.

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Facts about Tampa Florida 7: the impressive places to visit

Do you know that Tampa Florida features the longest road in the world? The sidewalk is located on the eastern end. It has the length of 10 km or 6 miles. If you want to know the National Historic Landmark in the city, you have to visit Ybor City District. It features some historical buildings. L’Unione Italiana, El Centro Español de Tampa and Babe Zaharias Golf Course are some of the impressive buildings in the city.

Facts about Tampa Florida 8: the sources of economy

The primary sources of economy in Tampa are taken from retail, finance, insurance, healthcare, national defence, real estate, professional sport, shipping and tourism.

Facts about Tampa Florida

Facts about Tampa Florida

Facts about Tampa Florida 9: theaters and venues

If you want to watch art performance, you can go to MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, Gorilla Theatre or David A. Straz Jr. Center.

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Facts about Tampa Florida 10: the nightlife districts

If you are bored during the night, you can visit International Plaza, SoHo and Ybor City for they are the best nightlife district in Tampa.

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