10 Facts about Tamworth Castle

Post On: September 22, 2018

Facts about Tamworth Castle give the interesting information about the Grade I listed building in England. Have you ever visited Tamworth Castle before? You will be impressed with the beauty of this Norman castle. You just have to go to the town of Tamworth in Staffordshire. When you are at the castle, you can spot the amazing look of River Tame and River Anker. During the Anglo Saxon period, it was occupied by Mercian kings. During the Viking invasion, the castle was neglected. Check other nice facts about Tamworth Castle below:

Facts about Tamworth Castle 1: preservation

The Normans refortified Tamworth Castle. In the future years, it was expanded. This mottle-and bailey castle is considered as one of the best examples of a preserved castle in England.

Facts about Tamworth Castle 2: Æthelflæd

Æthelflæd was the Lady of the Mercians who restored the Tamworth Castle in 913. The earthen burh was used to fortify the town. In 943, the Danish attacked the town. However, the protection only did a little help.

Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Castle

Facts about Tamworth Castle 3: Robert Despenser

Robert Despenser was the steward of William the Conqueror. The latter granted the castle for Despenser. The Norman motte and bayle castle was established in the land in 1080s.

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Facts about Tamworth Castle 4: the castle during the Jacobean period

During the Jacobean period, Tamworth Castle had a number of additions. The interior had been dominated by the preferred design of the Ferrers family.

Facts about Tamworth Castle 5: the exterior feature

The herringbone pattern is spotted on the base of the gate tower and causeway. It still survives until this present day.

Tamworth Castle Facts

Tamworth Castle Facts

Facts about Tamworth Castle 6: the original entry

The original entry for Tamworth Castle to reach the ground was from the gateway.

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Facts about Tamworth Castle 7: the defense

Tamworth Castle was created as a residence. However, it was constructed according to the situation of warfare during the medieval time by adding defense.

Facts about Tamworth Castle 8: in the English civil war

On 25 June 1643, the Parliamentary forces captured the Tamworth Castle during the English Civil War. It only took two days for them to get the castle. Then the forces garrisoned the castle. Waldyve Willington was the military governor who commanded his 10 officers and 77 soldiers to complete the garrison squad in July 1645.

Facts about Tamworth Castle

Facts about Tamworth Castle

Facts about Tamworth Castle 9: Tamworth Corporation

Tamworth Corporation was considered as the present owner of Tamworth Castle. It became the owner of the castle after purchasing the castle by auction in 1891. Then the castle was turned into a tourist attraction. The castle ground is landscaped. The public facilities were established around the castle to make the visitors more comfortable.

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Facts about Tamworth Castle 10: the Castle Pleasure Ground

From the Castle Pleasure Grounds, the visitors can view the beauty of riverbank and flower terraces.

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