10 Facts about Tango Dancing

Post On: September 22, 2018

Facts about Tango Dancing tell the readers about the popular partner dance. In 1880s, tango dancing was developed in Rio de Plata or River Plate. The region was located between Uruguay and Argentina. At that time, the European immigrants, slaves and natives were mixed. Tango dance was rich in nature because it is a combination of Czech Polka, Argentinian Milonga, German Waltz, African Candombe, Spanish-Cuban Habanera, and Bohemian Schottische. In the past, tango was the music and dance performed mainly in the bars of ports and brothels. Today, it is considered as respectable music and dance in the world. At that time, the owners of the bar or brothers would like to have the bands playing tango for entertainment of the guests. Check other interesting facts about tango dancing below:

Facts about Tango Dancing 1: popularity of tango

Today, tango is not underclass music. It is one of the most popular dances in the world. Many people in other parts of the world like to practice and learn it. The variations are also created on tango dance.

Facts about Tango Dancing 2: UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists

Argentine and Uruguay had a joint proposal to make tango included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Thankfully, it was approved by UNESCO on 31st August 2009.

Tango Dancing

Tango Dancing

Facts about Tango Dancing 3: the different styles of tango

Tango comes in different styles. They are include the Finnish tango, show tango, tango oriello, tango vals, tango liso, tango argentino, tango salon and contact tango.

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Facts about Tango Dancing 4: the characteristics of milonguero style

Can you mention some of the characteristics of milonguero styled tango? It has the rhythmic footwork with small steps. Moreover, the dancers also employ a very close embrace.

Facts about Tango Dancing 5: tango Nuevo

Tango nuevo is considered as a new tango. The young generation of dancers popularizes the new dancing style. It has a very elastic and open embrace. It is different from the milonguero style.

Tango Dancing Facts

Tango Dancing Facts

Facts about Tango Dancing 6: Contact tango

The Contact Improvisation and Argentine tango are considered as the inspirations for contact tango. The choreography is not created since the dancers have to make improvisation.

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Facts about Tango Dancing 7: ballroom tango

Ballroom tango is also popular in the recent years. It comes in two primary types. You can choose to learn the European style or International style. The latter one is also called Yogita.

Facts about Tango Dancing 8: simplicity

The ballroom tango is different from the traditional tango because the movements and steps are simpler. It has head snaps and staccato movements.

Facts about Tango Dancing

Facts about Tango Dancing

Facts about Tango Dancing 9: Finnish tango

In 1913, tango came to Finland. It developed into the finish tango.

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Facts about Tango Dancing 10: popularity of tango in Finland

In 1950s, tango became one of the popular dances in Finland.

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