10 Facts about Tango Music

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Facts about Tango Music elaborate the details about the style of music established by the European immigrants from Uruguay and Argentina. The orquesta típica is the traditional player for tango music. It features a guitar duo or a solo guitar according to the need of the music. The music can also be performed in an ensemble, which also features piano, flute, violins, bondoneons, clarinet and double bass. The music can accompany a singer. It can be played without any singer. Tango music is very popular in the world along with its dancing style. Check other unique facts about tango music below:

Facts about Tango Music 1: the development of tango music

In the mid 19th century, Tango music was developed in Uruguay and Argentina. However, the tango styles were also spotted in other countries like in Spain and Cuba during the 19th and beginning of 20th century.

Facts about Tango Music 2: the influence

The European immigrants applied the techniques and instruments for the tango music. The rhythms were affected the music of African communities.

Tango Music

Tango Music

Facts about Tango Music 3: El Choclo

El Choclo was not recorded in Argentina because of the absence of a recording studio in the country. Paris was selected as the place to record the tango music by Angel Villoldo.

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Facts about Tango Music 4: playing tango music

The immigrants who lived in Buenos Aires played the early tango music. Then the popularity spread into Montevideo.

Facts about Tango Music 5: “Guardia Vieja”

Have you ever heard about “Guardia Vieja”? It means the Old Guard. It was the first generation of tango players.

Tango Music Pic

Tango Music Pic

Facts about Tango Music 6: the favorite music

The gangsters and thugs who visited the brothels loved to hear tango music in the beginning of 20th century.

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Facts about Tango Music 7: tango-dancing style

The dancing style of tango is complex. The men would be trained in a group for the tango dancing. The combination of aggressiveness and emotion is reflected on the steps and body movements of the male dancers.

Facts about Tango Music 8: the portable instruments

Violin, guitar and flute are considered as the portable instrument played for tango music. In the late 19th century, the players began to add bandoneon. Some songs were expanded by playing a portable player organ called organito.

Facts about Tango Music

Facts about Tango Music

Facts about Tango Music 9: the point of view toward tango music

In the past, tango music was considered as low class music. Then it appears as one of the most popular music in the world. France was the first country affected by the popularity of Tango in Europe. In United States, the people began to notice on tango with Carlos Gardel who became a tango superstar. He was noted as a sex symbol at that time.

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Facts about Tango Music 10: a respectable music

Tango became a respectable and well-praised music in 1920s.

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