10 Facts about Tanzanite

Post On: September 24, 2018

Facts about Tanzanite make us learn about the blue and violet colored ziosite. It is a type of mineral included in the group epidote. Manuel de Souza discovered Tanzanite in Northern Tanzania in 1967. The exact location was in Mererani Hills of Manyara Region. It was situated nearby Mount Kilimanjaro and Arusha City. The mining area where Tanzanite was discovered was small. It had the width of 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers. The length was 4.3 miles or 7 kilometers. The crystal orientation on the way you view Tanzanite will determine the colors. It may look burgundy, violet or blue. It is included in the list of the precious gemstones in the world due to its amazing trichoism. Here are other fascinating facts about Tanzanite to notice:

Facts about Tanzanite 1: lighting

Lighting will also affect the color of Tanzanite. It appears different when you view the piece under the light.

Facts about Tanzanite 2: the types of light

The types of light also determined the color. When you spot Tanzanite under the incandescent lighting, it appears violet. The blue color is more noticeable if you set it under the fluorescent light.



Facts about Tanzanite 3: the color of rough tanzanite

The reddish brown tone is spotted on the rough tanzanite. The brownish color can be removed from the stone with heat treatment. Thus, the blue color can appear on the stone.

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Facts about Tanzanite 4: the name of the stone

Tiffany & Co. use the name tanzanite to call this gemstone. It was taken from its home country Tanzania. The Tiffany marketing department believed that the blue violet zoisite was not friendly to the ear of the customers when the stone was introduced to the market in 1968.

Facts about Tanzanite 5: birthstone

Do you know the birthstone for the people born in December was tanzanite? It was according to the American Gem Trade Association in 2002.

Tanzanite Facts

Tanzanite Facts

Facts about Tanzanite 6: mining development in Tanzania

The tanzanite mines were available in four sections in 1990. They were Blocks A, B, C, and D. The local miners had the access to the Blocks B and D. On the other hand, the large operators could access Blocks A and C. Tanzanite One had their contract renewal with the government of Tanzania in 2005. The company leased and earned the mining license for Block C by paying 40 million dollars.

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Facts about Tanzanite 7: Tanzanite One Mining Ltd

Richland Resources is the owner of Tanzanite One Mining Ltd. The company mined the largest rough tanzanite in 2005 with the weight of 3.38 kilogram or 16,839 carat.

Facts about Tanzanite 8: the color grading system

The color grading system of tanzanite is divided into bluish violet, indigo and violetish blue.

Facts about Tanzanite

Facts about Tanzanite

Facts about Tanzanite 9: the major colors

Blue and violet are considered as the first and second colors of tanzanite.

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Facts about Tanzanite 10: nationalized mining

In 1971, the Tanzanian government started to nationalize the mines of tanzanite.

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