10 Facts about Tap Dancing

Post On: September 25, 2018

I will show you an interesting type of dance on Facts about Tap Dancing. The dance is unique because it comes in a form of percussion. The dancers have to tap their shoes on the floor to produce the sounds of percussion. People love it due to the tap sound and impressive movement. The shoes worn by the dancers are the special shoes since the heel and toe feature a metal tap. Therefore, the tap sound can be produced clearly when the heels strike the floor. You will know more about tap dancing by reading the following post below:

Facts about Tap Dancing 1: the variations of tap dancing

Tap dancing comes in a number of variations. You can spot the postmodern tap, Broadway tap, classical tap, and jazz tap. Which one is your favorite?

Facts about Tap Dancing 2: the Broadway tap

The base of the Broadway tap is taken from the English theatrical style. The rhythms used in this tap dancing are less complicated. The movement is emphasized more on choreography and formation.

Tap Dancing Facts

Tap Dancing Facts

Facts about Tap Dancing 3: the performance of tap dancing

You can spot the Broadway tap dancing performed mostly in the musical theater.

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Facts about Tap Dancing 4: the classical tap dancing

The full body expression is spotted on the classical tap dancing. It combines the American foot drumming with the European music.

Facts about Tap Dancing 5: the contemporary and postmodern tap dancing

The postmodern tap dancing and contemporary tap dancing are unique and amazing. They employ the use of technology in the dancing. You can also spot the thematic narration as well as the abstract expression in the dance.

Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing

Facts about Tap Dancing 6: the brand of shoes

Shoes play an important role in tap dancing. The sound produced by the shoes is different according to the brand and type. You do not have to wear any special shoes if you want to perform the soft-shoe rhythm of tap dancing.

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Facts about Tap Dancing 7: the origin of tap dancing

The origin of tap dancing is associated with the combination of Irish jigs, English clog dancing and African tribal dances. All of them are considered as the ethnic percussive dancing. However, the dance scholars and historians have some disagreements about its origin.

Facts about Tap Dancing 8: the beginning of tap dance

The rise of the minstrel shows marked the beginning of tap dance in 1800s. One of the prominent figures at that time was William Henry Lane. He was known as Master Juba. The popularity of dance was increased rapidly when the minstrel shows had decreased favor among the audiences.

Facts about Tap Dancing

Facts about Tap Dancing

Facts about Tap Dancing 9: duet performance

The performance of Vaudeville tap acts were always conducted in duet performance by the black performance due to the two colored rules. It was forbidden for them to have a solo performance.

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Facts about Tap Dancing 10: the next notable figure

Bill Robinson or Bojangles was the other important figure in tap dancing.

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