10 Facts about Tapas

Post On: September 25, 2018

Get the interesting information about a Spanish cuisine on Facts about Tapas. A tapa is considered as a snack or appetizer. Have you ever eaten this snack before? You can choose the hot or cold one depending on the personal taste. The example of the hot tapa is chopitos. The fried baby squid is found on the chopitos. If you like the cold one, it is often mixed with cheese and olives. Tapa is not a conventional dish because it has been evolved into sophisticated snack in restaurants and bars. You can eat it as a snack. If you want to eat it as a full meal, it should be combined for stuffy tapa. Here are other impressive facts about tapa to notice.

Facts about Tapas 1: bocas

Tapa is also called in another term in a number of Central American countries. They call it bocas. Botanas is a similar kind of tapa found in some parts of Mexico.

Facts about Tapas 2: the Spanish tapas before 19th century

The ingredients like bodegas, albergues and posadas were used on the Spanish tapas before the 19th century. At that time, the travelers were often served with this kind of tapa. The sample of the dish was available for the guests since they and the innkeepers could not read or write.

Tapas Pic

Tapas Pic

Facts about Tapas 3: the original tapas

The original tapa was defined as the thin slices of meat or bread based on the explanation in The Joy of Cooking.

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Facts about Tapas 4: the common meats

Chorizo or ham is considered as the common meat to create tapas because both of them can trigger thirst to the eaters. Moreover, both meats are also salty.

Facts about Tapas 5: the sales of alcohol

The sales of alcohol were increased because of the snack with sherry-activated thirst. That is why the tapas were considered as the important snack in the restaurants or bars.



Facts about Tapas 6: the evolution of tapas

Over the years, tapas have evolved into a brand new dish, which suits the modern tastes. The new ingredients are used to make the dish preferable. Sweet and chili peppers, potatoes, maize and tomatoes were introduced due to the discovery of New World.

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Facts about Tapas 7: the tapas competition

It seems that tapa is one of the most popular dishes. There is no need to wonder that the competition of tapas take place in many areas of Spain. However, the county only has one National Competition of Tapas. It is always held in November.

Facts about Tapas 8: International Tapas Competition for Culinary Schools

International Tapas Competition for Culinary Schools has been conducted since 2008. The best concept of tapa will be presented by various schools.

Facts about Tapas

Facts about Tapas

Facts about Tapas 9: the kinds of tapas

When you come to a small restaurant or bar in Spain, you will be served with at least eight kinds of tapas.

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Facts about Tapas 10: the strong flavor

Paprika, chilli, garlic and cumin are the strong flavors to make tapas.

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