10 Facts about Taranaki

Post On: September 26, 2018

Facts about Taranaki present the information about a region located at the west size of North Island in New Zealand. Taranaki Regional Council has the responsibility to administer this region. The name of the region is taken from the name of Mount Taranaki. It is a stratovolcano served as the primary geographical feature of the region. New Plymouth is considered as the center of Taranaki. Almost 65 percent of the people who live in Taranaki are the residents of New Plymouth District. Why don’t you read the whole post about Taranaki in the following post below?

Facts about Taranaki 1: the North Taranaki

Waitara, Inglewood and New Plymouth are located in North Taranaki.

Facts about Taranaki 2: the South Taranaki

Opunake, Eltham, Stratford, and Hawera are the towns located in South Taranaki.

Taranaki Facts

Taranaki Facts

Facts about Taranaki 3: the promotional brand

Have you ever heard the promotional brand of Taranaki? The region has been advertized as “Like no other” in their campaigns since 2005.

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Facts about Taranaki 4: the Mount Taranaki

When you visit Taranaki, you can spot the beauty of Mount Taranaki. Taranaki spans on the areas of 7258 kilometer square.

Facts about Taranaki 5: Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki is considered as the impressive natural feature in the region. In the North Island, it takes the title as the second highest mountain. People also call it Mount Egmont.



Facts about Taranaki 6: the Maori Legend

Mount Taranaki is also associated with a legend. They believed that once this mountain lived with Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro mountains. Due to the Battle of Tongariro, it was moved into the recent location. Mount Taranaki is located within Egmont National Park along with its surroundings.

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Facts about Taranaki 7: the new name of the mountain

As I have stated before, Mount Taranaki is also called Mount Egmont. The latter name was inspired from Earl of Egmont. The name was applied by Captain James Cook. Have you ever heard about Earl of Egmont? The expedition of Cook was encouraged by this First Lord of Admiralty.

Facts about Taranaki 8: the fertile region

Taranaki is considered as fertile region due to the volcanic soil surrounding the mountain and the high level of rainfalls. The largest volume of dairy products is produced by Fonterra’s Whareroa milk factory. The economy in the region is dominated by the production of dairy products. Most gas supply for New Zealand is taken from the Maui gas field here.

Facts about Taranaki

Facts about Taranaki

Facts about Taranaki 9: population

The region is inhabited by around 118,000 individuals according to the statistics in June 2017. It accounted for 2.5 percent of the whole people who live in the country.

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Facts about Taranaki 10: religion

Christianity is considered as the dominant religion in Taranaki for it accounts for 50.2 percent of the population. The irreligious ones are 43.8 percent.

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