10 Facts about Target

Post On: September 26, 2018

You will be informed with a large corporation on Facts about Target. If you live in United States, you must be familiar with Target. Though Target cannot beat Walmart, it takes the second position as the largest department store retailer in the country. Minneapolis in Minnesota is the home of Target’s headquarters. George Dayton was the founder of Target. It was established in June 1902 under the name Goodfellow Dry Goods. In 1903, it took a new name as Dayton’s Dry Goods Company. In 1910, it was renamed again into Dayton Company. If you want to know more about Target, look at the following post below:

Facts about Target 1: the first Target store

In 1962, the first Target store was established in Roseville, Minnesota. In 1967, Dayton Corporation was used as the new name of the parent company.

Facts about Target 2: merger

In 1969, the parent company merged with J.L. Hudson Company. Then it became Dayton-Hudson Corporation. A number of department store chains like Mervyn’s, Marshall Field’s, Hudson’s and Dayton’s were owned by the company.



Facts about Target 3: the highest earning division

In 1970s, the highest income for Dayton-Hudson Corporation was taken from Target. In 1980s, the company decided to expand their market around United States. In 1990s, they had Target brand with a new store format. Target has their success in the cheap market industry.

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Facts about Target 4: the new name of the parent company

In 2000, Target Corporation was selected as the new name of the parent company. The major problem faced by the company was related to the security breach of customer credit card data.

Facts about Target 5: the operation of Target

Do you know the number of Target stores in United States? It has around 1,822 stores as of 3 February 2018. It has a number of new retails formats such as the hypermarket SuperTarget, and discount store Target.

Target Facts

Target Facts

Facts about Target 6: the items sold inside the first Target store

On 1 May 1962, the first store of Target was founded in Roseville. Today, the store covers the area 12,500 meter square or 135,000 sq feet. The customers can find general merchandisers.

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Facts about Target 7: Starbucks Coffee counters

At first, the customers can only find Starbucks Coffee counters in SuperTarget. Since 2003, Target and Starbucks have expanded their partnership.

Facts about Target 8: remodeling and renovation

In 2006, Target decided to renovate 109 stores. In 2017, they focused on remodeling 350 other stores. In 2010, the garden center in the company was closed.

Facts about Target

Facts about Target

Facts about Target 9: the SuperTarget store

Compared to the common Target stores, the SuperTarget stores are 50 percent larger. It has a number of standards to serve the customers and manage the stores. They feature larger aisle, price scanners, checkout lanes, photography departments, food courts and pharmacy.

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Facts about Target 10: the opening for the first SuperTarget hypermarket

In 1995, Omaha featured the first Super Target Hypermarket.

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