10 Facts about Tarporley

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Facts about Tarporley elaborate the detail information about the large village located in Cheshire, England. On the first Saturday of each month, people love to come to Tarporley because it will have a regular country market. You can find many things on the market and take them home. The village is also known as a civil parish. It was a home for 2,643 people according to the census in 2001. The census in 2011 found out that the number of population in the village was slightly decreased into 2,614 individuals. Get other interesting facts about Tarporley below:

Facts about Tarporley 1: the village of Rhuddall Heath

Have you ever heard about the village of Rhuddall Heath? It can be found in the civil parish of Tarporley.

Facts about Tarporley 2: the four famous pubs

The Crown Hotel, the Swan Hotel, the Foresters Arms and the Rising Sun are the four pubs that you can visit at the High Street of Tarporley.



Facts about Tarporley 3: the restaurants

If you always feel hungry when you visit Tarporley, you can come to the three famous restaurants located on the High Street. They are the Coast Restaurant and Bar, Piste and Little Tap.

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Facts about Tarporley 4: the Tarporley Hunt Club

The village also has its hunt club. It is called Tarporley Hunt Club. Every Christmas, a meeting will be held in the village for the members of the hunt clubs.

Facts about Tarporley 5: the formation of Tarporley

In 1894, the formation of Urban District of Tarporley took place. In 1936, the district was abolished. It was included in Northwick Rural District in 1936 until 1974.  Due to the Local Government Act 1972, it was abolished.

Tarporley Facts

Tarporley Facts

Facts about Tarporley 6: the civil parish status

The local government of Tarporley has some limited autonomy because the village receives the civil parish status. Therefore, it has a parish council, which consists of 12 members. They are elected by the local people in Tarporley.

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Facts about Tarporley 7: the roads

By the A49 and A51 roads are the bypasses, which connect Tarporley. In the past, Beeston Castle and Tarporley railway station were operated in the village. In April 1966, they were closed though the line is still open. Once the railway was used to serve Beeston in Cheshire, Tiverton and Tarporley. A campaign was conducted to reopen the station.

Facts about Tarporley 8: education

The local people can send their kids into the local schools in the village. The two schools available in Tarporley are Tarporley Church of England Primary School and Tarporley High School. In 2001, Brook Farm School was closed in the village. It was known as a special education boarding school.

Facts about Tarporley

Facts about Tarporley

Facts about Tarporley 9: the opening and closing of Brook Farm School

In 1975, Brook Farm School was opened for the first time. On 31 August 2001, it was closed.

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Facts about Tarporley 10: demolishing the building of Brook Farm School

Brook Farm School was demolished in May 2013. It will be used for a housing estate.

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