10 Facts about Tarzan

Post On: September 27, 2018

You will be informed with a famous fictional character that lives in the jungle on Facts about Tarzan. The Mangani great apes raised him in the African jungle. He decided to become a heroic adventurer after he rejected the human civilization. Tarzan of the Apes was considered as the first story about Tarzan published in a magazine in 1912. Then it was published in a book in 1914. Do you know the creator of Tarzan? He was Edgar Rice Burroughs. Due to the popularity of the character and story, it had 25 sequels. Tarzan also appears in various kinds of media. You have to read the whole post below to get more interesting facts about Tarzan.

Facts about Tarzan 1: Me Tarzan, You Jane

Have you ever watched Me Tarzan, You Jane? This movie of Tarzan depicted the character as a noble savage. The character was portrayed by Johnny Weissmuller. The personality of Tarzan depicted in the movie was different from the novel.

Facts about Tarzan 2: who is Tarzan?

If you are a fan of Tarzan, you must know who he is. His parents were a lord and woman from Britain. Kerchak killed his father. He was the leader of the ape tribe. His mother passed away when he was an infant.



Facts about Tarzan 3: the ape mother

The ape mother of Tarzan was Kala. She raised him well along with Mangani, the tribe of apes.

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Facts about Tarzan 4: Jane Porter

Jane Porter is another important character in Tarzan story. She takes the role as the love interest of Tarzan. Jane is depicted as a young American woman who makes Tarzan fall in love.

Facts about Tarzan 5: searching for Jane

Tarzan decided to find Jane after she decided to go to back to America. Tarzan left the jungle. The marriage of Tarzan and Jane took place in The Return of Tarzan. The couple have a son named Jack.

Tarzan Movie

Tarzan Movie

Facts about Tarzan 6: returning to Africa with Jane

Tarzan and Jane moved to Africa and lived in the jungle because Tarzan was enough with the hypocrisy of the civilization. The consumers of Kavuru’s pills will get immortality as it is narrated in Tarzan’s Quest.

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Facts about Tarzan 7: the physical appearance

Tarzan has impressive physical appearance. He has handsome face with athletic and muscular body. Moreover, he is tall. He has long black hair with grey eyes and tanned skin.

Facts about Tarzan 8: the personality of Tarzan

Tarzan is described as having loyal, intelligent and brave personality.

Facts about Tarzan

Facts about Tarzan

Facts about Tarzan 9: ability

Compared to the common people, Tarzan is described as having more skills and abilities. He has the wonderful ability to leap, cling and climb.

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Facts about Tarzan 10: power

Tarzan is very powerful because he has greater level of endurance, sense, agility, stamina, speed, strength, durability and flexibility.

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