10 Facts about Tasmania

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Facts about Tasmania show the information about the island state in Australia. The location of this island is around 150 miles or 240 kilometer on the south of Mainland of Australia. Have you ever visited Tasmania before? This state has impressive beauty and scenery, which will blow your mind away. The Bass Strait separates Tasmania from Mainland Australia. It has 334 islands located around the island. It is a home for 519,000 inhabitants according to the report in June 2016. The Greater Hobart precinct is occupied by more than 40 percent of the Tasmanian population. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania. It also serves as the largest city in the state. If you are still curious about Tasmania, check the following post below:

Facts about Tasmania 1: the areas of Tasmania

The main island of Tasmania has the area of 24,911 square miles or 64,519 kilometer square. The total area is 26,410 square miles or 68,401 kilometer square.

Facts about Tasmania 2: the protected area

Almost 42 percent of the land area in the island is included as the protected area. The World Heritage Sites and nationals parks are included.



Facts about Tasmania 3: the indigenous people

Before Tasmania was colonized by the British people, it has been a home for the indigenous people for 30,000 years. During the colonization period, the area was occupied by 3,000 to 7,000 aboriginal people.

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Facts about Tasmania 4: the decline of aboriginal population

The aboriginal population was decreased rapidly within 30 years because of a number of reasons. The spread of infectious diseases, intertribal conflict and Black War were considered as the primary causes.

Facts about Tasmania 5: the dead toll

The dead toll for the aboriginal people reached 1100 individuals during the peak of the conflict, which took place in 1825 until 1831.

Tasmania Facts

Tasmania Facts

Facts about Tasmania 6: the permanent settlement

In 1803, the European established permanent settlement in Tasmania. In the past, the island was called Van Diemen’s Land. The 75,000 convicts were transported in the island by the British Empire so that the French Empire would never claim the land.

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Facts about Tasmania 7: the major industries

Mining is considered as the major industry in Tasmania. The island has the iron, tin, zinc and copper mines. Other industries are related to tourism, forestry and agriculture. The tourism industry in the island is flourished in the present day.

Facts about Tasmania 8: the cuisine

Tasmania is a good source of various kinds of seafood. The local people like to consume salmon, crayfish and oysters.

Facts about Tasmania

Facts about Tasmania

Facts about Tasmania 9: the popular events

Tasmania holds various kinds of popular events to increase the quality of their tourism. You can go to the annual food and wine festival in the island called Taste of Tasmania.

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Facts about Tasmania 10: other impressive events

Other impressive events in the island include the road rally Targa Tasmania, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and Royal Launceston Show.

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