10 Facts about Tasmanian tiger

Post On: September 27, 2018

Facts about Tasmanian tiger explain about the large known carnivorous marsupials. The Tasmanian tiger is also called thylacine. It has the biological name Thylacinus cynocephalus. The people call the animal Tasmania tiger because the lower back features the stripes, which look like a tiger. It also reminds the people with the Tasmanian wolf due to its canid look. Tasmanian tiger was originally from New Guinea, Tasmania and Australia. The extinction of Tasmanian tiger took place in the twentieth century. Let us check other impressive facts about Tasmanian tiger below:

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 1: the fossil record

The fossil record of Tasmania tiger can be traced back in the late Oligocene period.

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 2: the personality and appearance

The body size of a Tasmanian tiger looks like a medium to large dog size. It also looks like a kangaroo due to the presence of abdominal pouch. Tasmanian tiger has the most activities during the dark hours since they are nocturnal animals.

Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 3: the closest relative

Tasmanian tiger did not have any close relationship with a tiger though the lower back features the stripes. The numbat or Tasmanian devil is considered the closest relatives of Tasmanian tigers.

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Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 4: the pouch

Tasmanian tiger was included as a type of marsupial. Both male and female Tasmanian tigers carried a pouch on their abdomen.

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 5: a formidable predator

Do you know that Tasmanian tiger was known as a formidable predator? Though the population in a certain habitat was sparse, this animal has the skill and ability to hunt the prey and survive in that condition.

Tasmanian Tiger Facts

Tasmanian Tiger Facts

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 6: the rare sight of Tasmanian tigers

Before the British people came to the Australian mainland, the presence of Tasmanian tiger in that area was rare. However, it was still available in island of Tasmania. The people believe that the primary cause of its extinction was due to the intensive hunting conducted by the bounties. Other reasons were due to the human settlement on their habitat, the introduction dogs and diseases.

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Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 7: an extinct animal

Today, Tasmanian tiger is considered as an extinct animal. However, some claim that they have seen the presence of Tasmanian tigers. However, none of them can prove it.

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 8: the behavior and habitat

It will be hard for the scientists to talk about the habitat and behavior of Tasmanian tiger in details due to the little known facts about it.

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger

Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 9: the habitat

Tasmanian tiger is always compared with the Tasmanian devils. The scientists believe that they preferred to live in the grasslands, wetlands and dry eucalyptus forest in Australian mainland.

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Facts about Tasmanian Tiger 10: rock painting

The scientists found out the rock paintings about the Tasmanian tiger in New Guinea and Australia.

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