10 Facts about Taste Buds

Post On: September 27, 2018
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We will show you Facts about Taste Buds if you read the following article. Taste buds are very important in the life of human beings. You can perceive different tastes if the taste buds work well. People call them as gustatory cells. The papillae are known as the small structure, which houses the taste receptors. Papillae can be found on a number of locations such as the epiglottis, cheek, upper esophagus, soft palate and upper surface of the tongue. Here are other impressive facts about taste buds to notice:

Facts about Taste Buds 1: the taste reception

Umami, sweet, bitter, sour and salty are the common five elements of taste perception, which can be identified by the structure of taste buds.

Facts about Taste Buds 2: the myth

There is a common myth about taste buds. The people believe that the different areas of the tongues can taste all kinds of taste perceptions.

Taste Buds

Taste Buds

Facts about Taste Buds 3: the real facts about the taste perception

The real fact about the taste perception is that only a certain region of the tongue can detect the taste.

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Facts about Taste Buds 4: the process

Before you can taste the food, it follows a number of processes. The saliva is produced to dissolve some parts of the food before it has contact with the taste receptors. The information will be sent to the brain from the taste receptor cells.

Facts about Taste Buds 5: the number of taste buds

Can you guess the number of taste buds owned by human beings? There were 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds on the human tongue.

Taste Buds Facts

Taste Buds Facts

Facts about Taste Buds 6: the types of lingual papillae

The lingual papillae come in three types. They are circumvallate papillae, foliate papillae and fungiform papillae. The latter one is spotted on the tongue’s dorsal surface. The lateral border of the tongue features the foliate papillae. The back part of the tongue features Circumvallate papillae.

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Facts about Taste Buds 7: the number of circumvallate papillae

Do you know the number of circumvallate papillae owned by the tongue of human being? Most people only have the average of 10 to 14 of circumvallate papillae. Ducts of Von Ebner’s glands are always linked with these papillae.

Facts about Taste Buds 8: filiform papillae

Filiform papillae are considered as the fourth type of papillae found in the tongue of human being. Though it is the most abundant one, the taste buds are absent.

Facts about Taste Bud

Facts about Taste Bud

Facts about Taste Buds 9: the mechanism

The people who want to know more about how the taste buds work should check the mechanism of the taste receptors. The taste cells might depolarized when we taste the umami, sour, sweet or salt tastes.

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Facts about Taste Buds 10: the cells on the taste buds

The gustatory cells and supporting cells are found on the taste buds.

Do you have any more ideas on facts about taste buds?