10 Facts about Tattershall Castle

Post On: September 28, 2018

Facts about Tattershall Castle give the idea about the castle located in England. The exact location is in Tattershall, Lincolnshire. Talking about its status, the National Trust cares for Tattershall Castle. It is also situated 19 kilometers or 12 miles northeast of Sleaford. In the past, Tattershall Castle was not known as a fortified manor house or a stone castle. In 1231, Tattershall Castle was constructed by Robert de Tattershall. In 1430 until 1450, the third Lord Cromwell named Ralph decided to have a major expansion on the castle since he decided to use bricks to rebuild the castle. Ralph was also known as a Treasurer of England. Let us get other impressive facts about Tattershall Castle by reading the following post below:

Facts about Tattershall Castle 1: the brick castles

During the period, it was more common for a castle to have a timber, earth or stone construction. Tattershall Castle was unique for it featured the brick construction. The brick material was often used for fashionable look rather than the functional style. It was more preferable to increase the aesthetic look.

Facts about Tattershall Castle 2: Flemish weavers

Flemish weavers introduced the ways for using bricks to construct castles or houses. Cromwell selected bricks instead of stone though the latter one was abundant nearby.

Tattershall Castle Pic

Tattershall Castle Pic

Facts about Tattershall Castle 3: the number of bricks

Tattershall Castle was constructed with 700,000 bricks. There is no need to wonder that the castle earns the title as the finest brick worked castle from the medieval time.

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Facts about Tattershall Castle 4: the remains

Tattershall Castle still features the moat. The Great Towel also stands on the castle. It has the height of 40 metres or 130 feet.

Facts about Tattershall Castle 5: the thought about the castle

It was believed that the splendid fitting was found on the three staterooms of Tattershall Castle. The tapestries and chimney were heavily embellished with the Gothic styled fireplace.

Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle

Facts about Tattershall Castle 6: a fortress

Another thought stated that Tattershall Castle was a fortress before. It was constructed as a country mansion with great security level.

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Facts about Tattershall Castle 7: the death of Cromwell

In 1456, Cromwell passed away. Thus, Joan Bouchier became the initial inheritor. He was Cromwell’s niece. After the demise of her husband, the Crown confiscated Tattershall Castle.

Facts about Tattershall Castle 8: the recovery of the castle

Sir Henry Sidney restored the castle in 1560. Then Lord Clinton bought the castle. Until 1693, the castle was under the ownership of Earls of Lincoln. Then it was abandoned after it was passed to Fortesques.

Facts about Tattershall Castle

Facts about Tattershall Castle

Facts about Tattershall Castle 9: the castle plan

The rectangular plan is spotted on the design of Tattershall Castle.

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Facts about Tattershall Castle 10: the access to the castle

The Middle Ward is considered as the primary access to the castle.

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