10 Facts about Taurus Constellation

Post On: September 28, 2018

You will get the details about one of the zodiac constellations on facts about Taurus Constellation. The name Taurus is taken from the Latin word. It means the Bull in English. In the winter sky of the northern hemisphere, it takes the title as the prominent and large one. The origin of Taurus constellation was traced back in the beginning of Bronze Age. There is no need to wonder that it is included as one of the oldest constellations. During the spring equinox, the ancient people would look at Taurus constellation to know the location of the sun. Let us get other impressive facts about Taurus constellation below:

Facts about Taurus Constellation 1: the importance

During the ancient time, Taurus constellation was considered as an important constellation. The mythologies of Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon Akkad, Sumer and Assyrian were affected by the bull figures of Taurus constellation.

Facts about Taurus Constellation 2: the open clusters to earth

Have you ever heard about the Pleiades and the Hyades? Both are considered as the nearest open clusters of Taurus constellation to the earth. You can view them without using telescope.

Taurus Constellation

Taurus Constellation

Facts about Taurus Constellation 3: the brightest star

Do you know the brightest star in Taurus constellation? It is the red giant Aldebaran at the first magnitude.

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Facts about Taurus Constellation 4: Messier 1

Messier 1 is located at the northwest of Taurus constellation. People also call it under the name Crab Nebula. It is considered as the supernova remnant.

Facts about Taurus Constellation 5: the location of Taurus constellation

Taurus constellation is located between Gemini to the eastern part and Aries to the western part. If you are interested to view Taurus constellation, you can view it at the eastern horizon in September and October.

Facts about Taurus Constellation

Facts about Taurus Constellation

Facts about Taurus Constellation 6: the best time to spot Taurus constellation

The perfect time for the people to view Taurus is in December and January during the night sky. You can also spot it during the evening twilight on the west in March and April.

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Facts about Taurus Constellation 7: the abbreviation

“Tau” is the abbreviation for Taurus constellation. In 1922, the International Astronomical Union adopted the three letters. In 1930, Eugène Delporte defined the official boundaries of Taurus constellation.

Facts about Taurus Constellation 8: the most well known stars

The magnitude six of Taurus constellation features the most well known stars. That is why they are called the Seven Sisters.

Taurus- stellation Facts

Taurus- stellation Facts

Facts about Taurus Constellation 9: the number of stars and their age

The cluster of Taurus contains 500 to 1,000 stars. The age of the stars, reach 100 million years old. The type of the stars in the cluster is varied.

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Facts about Taurus Constellation 10: Taurus in Greek mythology

Zeus was identified as Taurus in Greek mythology. The next myth identified Taurus as the mistress of Zeus named lo.

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