10 Facts about Tay K

Post On: September 29, 2018
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Facts about Tay K present the life of the professional American rapper. The public also recognize him as a songwriter. He was born on 16th June 2000 under the full name Taymor Travon McIntyre. He chooses Tay K as his stage name. “The Race” is considered as the most notorious song of Tay K. He is from Arlington, Texas. The song sat at the United States Billboard Hot 100. Do you know that Tay K was involved in a murder case? He was included in the list of the manhunt at that time. It ended up after he was arrested in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Let us check other important facts about Tay K below:

Facts about Tay K 1: the birth date and birth place

The birthplace of Tay K was located in Long Beach, California. His birth date was on 16th June 2000.

Facts about Tay K 2: the gang life of his family

The family of Tay K was involved with the Crips street gang. Once, his father was a member of Baby Insane Crips Gang in Long Beach. The name of his father was Kevin Beverly. His birthplace was located in Compton. Then Beverly relocated to Hampton, Virginia.

Tay K

Tay K

Facts about Tay K 3: living in a prison

When Tay K was in his youth, his father was jailed. Therefore, his mother and sister joined him to live in Las Vegas Nevada. At that time, Tay K was only eight years old.

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Facts about Tay K 4: living in Arlington

The family lived in Arlington, Texas after Beverly was out of the prison. The family wanted to have better environment.

Facts about Tay K 5: the rap career of Tay K

Tay K was a member of Daytona Boyz in the early part of his career as a rapper. Other members include Santana Sage and Pimpyz. “Drift” was the title of the group’s first track. In December 2014, the track was distributed and released on SoundCloud. Then the group also released other songs.

Tay K Pic

Tay K Pic

Facts about Tay K 6: attention

Tay K and other members of the group tried hard to be a part of the local rap scenes. However, they did not get the attention that they wanted to. Therefore, they decided to perform in many parties.

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Facts about Tay K 7: the first solo song

“BIFF XANNEN” was the title of his first solo. It was released in the mid 2015.

Facts about Tay K 8: legal issues

Though Tay K is a promising rapper, he has to deal with many legal issues. One of them was when he was a witness of a murder of Sara Mutschlechner. She was killed by Santana Sage.

Facts about Tay K

Facts about Tay K

Facts about Tay K 9: the capital murder charge

In July 2016, Tay Kay also with six people had to deal with capital murder charge.

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Facts about Tay K 10: the 2017 capital murder charge

Tay K had to deal with another capital murder charge on 20th September 2017. The murder case took place in San Antonio.

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