10 Facts about Tay Sachs Disease

Post On: September 29, 2018

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease talk about the genetic disorder. Tay Sachs Disease is fatal case because the nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain will be damaged. The infantile Tay–Sachs disease is considered as the most prevalent one. The baby will lose their ability to crawl, sit or turn over. The parents will spot the symptoms when the baby is at the age of 3 to 6 months. The condition will be worsened when the baby loses the ability to move and hear. He or she also has seizures. Check other important facts about Tay Sachs Disease below:

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 1: death

The common cases of Tay Sachs Diseases find out that most patients die during the beginning phase of their childhood.

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 2: the less common case

Tay Sachs disease usually occurs when the kids are still infants. However, the less common cases also occur on the adulthood.

Tay Sachs Disease

Tay Sachs Disease

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 3: the primary case of Tay Sachs

The genetic mutation is considered as the primary case of Tay Sachs. The chromosome 15 with HEXA genes is mutated. The genetic text and blood hexosaminidase a level measurement will be conducted for the diagnosis.

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Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 4: the treatment

The family plays an important role in the treatment of Tay Sachs disease. The family should be supportive toward the patients.

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 5: the rare condition

Tay Sachs disease is considered as a rare disease. However, it is prevalent in Cajun people of Southern Louisiana, French Canadians of southeastern Quebec and Ashkenazi Jews. The latter one has the chance of 1 in 3,600 births.

Tay Sachs Disease Pic

Tay Sachs Disease Pic

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 6: the name the disease

If you check the name of the disease, it was unique. The name was taken from Waren Tay. He was capable to define the red spot on the eye retina in 1881. The next name is taken from the name of Bernard Sachs. The latter defined the increase of rate of the disease in Ashkenazi Jews in 1887. Thus, the disease is named Tay Sachs disease.

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Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 7: the classification of Tay Sachs disease

Tay Sachs disease comes in a number of categories. It is defined according to the onset age of the symptoms. They include the infantile Tay Sachs disease, Juvenile Tay Sachs disease and Adult Tay Sachs.

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 8: the adult Tay Sachs

The rare form of Tay Sachs is the adult or late onset Tay Sachs disease. The symptoms are noticed when the patients are in their 30s or 40s.

Tay Sachs Disease Facts

Tay Sachs Disease Facts

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 9: the symptoms of adult Tay Sachs disease

The unsteadiness of gait, difficulty to swallow and cognitive decline are some symptoms of adult Tay Sachs.

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Facts about Tay Sachs Disease 10: wheelchair

It is also common for the adults affected by the disease end up using wheelchair.

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