10 Facts about Team

Post On: October 16, 2018
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Facts about Team talk about an American indie rock band. Team is active from 2013 until this present day. They focus on the indie rock and alternative rock music. Have you ever heard the music of Team before? You can check Youtube to find out their popular song sand start enjoys them. The band is originated from Dallas, Texas. Team is under the music labels of Field Day Records, South by Sea. Find out other interesting information about Team by checking the following post:

Facts about Team 1: the formation of Team

The formation of Team took place in May 2013. The band only consists of two members. They are Caleb Turman and Rico Andradi. As I have stated before, the band is from Dallas, Texas.

Facts about Team 2: the single

The first single of Team is “Am I Alive” It was released in the market in August 2013. At that time, the lineup of Team consisted of Jay Vilardi, Caleb Turman, Bryan Donahue and Rico Andradi.



Facts about Team 3: Field Day Records

Have you ever heard about Field Day Records? It was the label owned by Andradi, which released a Self-titled EP of Team. The global independent release of the EP took place in December 2013.

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Facts about Team 4: South By Sea

South By Sea was the record label in Nashville which released the debut full length of Team in October 2014. The title is Good Morning, Bad Day. Have you ever heard their full length? You have to if you are a fan of indie music.

Facts about Team 5: the main members

Rico Andradi serves as the touring member in Team. On the other hand, the founding member is Caleb Turman. Both formed Team. The latter one was a member of Forever the Sickest Kids.

Caleb Turman

Caleb Turman

Facts about Team 6: other players

Rico and Caleb did not have a tour on their own during the first year of the band. Bryan Donahue and Jay Vilardi played with them. They also contributed on the first album of Team.

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Facts about Team 7: the new song of the band

“Human War Machine“was the new song of Team. It was released in the market in August 2013. Their self-titled EP was released in the world’s market in 2013. Team also took part in Third Eye Blind Tour in December the same year.

Facts about Team 8: releasing the album

In 2013, their first album was released by Field Day Records. Then South By Sea re-released it into a debut album in October 2014.

Facts about Team

Facts about Team

Facts about Team 9: the producer

Will Pugh was the producer of the debut album. He was from the band Cartel. On 14th October 2014, Team and Barcelona shared their stage. In September 2014, the music video of I Like It single was released.

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Facts about Team 10: other music videos

In April 2015, Team released their next music video for Just like You (When You Turn out the Lights) and Alone in My Room. The latter one was in acoustic style.

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