10 Facts about Ted Baker

Post On: October 17, 2018

Shopping is one of the common activities in the modern days. The people with a lot of money would like to go to the luxury retail stores in town to get their expensive clothes and accessories. It is easy for them to spend thousands of dollars just for a suit. One of the prominent luxury clothing retail companies will be explained on facts about Ted Baker. It has the official legal name as Ted Baker plc. This company is from Britain. Let us find out other impressive facts about Ted Baker below:

Facts about Ted Baker 1: London Stock Exchange

Ted Baker is a public company because it is listed at London Stock Exchange.

Facts about Ted Baker 2: the first store of Ted Baker

In March 1988, the first store of Ted Baker was established by Ray Kelvin in Glasgow. He was considered as the founder of the company. Kelvin also serves as the CEO of the company.

Ted Baker Inside

Ted Baker Inside

Facts about Ted Baker 3: expansion

As I have stated before, the first store of Ted Baker was located in Glasgow. The company was expanded by opening other stores. You can spot the Ted Baker store located in Nottingham and Manchester.

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Facts about Ted Baker 4: Ted Baker in 1990

The company decided to have a store located in Covent Garden in 1990. Leeds, Nottingham and Soho in London also have Ted Baker stores.

Facts about Ted Baker 5: Ted Baker Woman

In 1995, the company decided to launch their new product range. It was called Ted Baker Woman.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker

Facts about Ted Baker 6: the headquarters

In summer 2017, Kelvin spent £58.25 million to purchase the headquarters in London.

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Facts about Ted Baker 7: the stand-alone stores

In United Kingdom, Ted Baker establishes several stand-alone stores. The company also has Ted Baker Trustees, which sell the products of Ted Baker. The company also makes other retailers sell their products. Ted Baker also works together with other stores like House of Fraser and John Lewis Partnership.

Facts about Ted Baker 8: other stores of Ted Baker

The stores of Ted Baker are also found in other areas. You can find them at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays, Romford Market and Bicester Village Retail Outlet.

Facts about Ted Baker

Facts about Ted Baker

Facts about Ted Baker 9: the number of stores

Do you know the number of stores that the company has? The global stores of Ted Baker are 490. United Kingdom has 192 stores. United States and Canada have 111 Ted Baker stores. You can spot 98 stores in Europe. Australia features nine stores. Asia, Africa and Middle East have 80 stores of Ted Baker.

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Facts about Ted Baker 10: wholesale business

Ted Baker also has the wholesale business. It has been a part of the company’s business since 1994. It can be found in global market in Greece, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

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