10 Facts about Ted Bundy

Post On: October 17, 2018

You will know more about the life of an American serial killer on Facts about Ted Bundy. He was born on 24th November 1946. He died on 24th January 1989. His birth name was Theodore Robert Cowell. Bundy was also known as a rapist, kidnapper, necrophile and burglar. In 1970s, he had killed and assaulted many girls and young women. In 1974 until 1978, he had committed 30 homicides in seven states in US. It was believed that he probably had killed more victims. Let us find out the important facts about Ted Bundy below:

Facts about Ted Bundy 1: the trust from the young female victims

Ted Bundy was capable to get the trust from the young female victims because of his charismatic personality and good-looking face. Bundy knew how to win them.

Facts about Ted Bundy 2: how to approach the victims

Bundy did not approach the target in quiet or secluded place. He would meet them in the public places. He used his charm to impress the young women.

Ted Bundy Pic

Ted Bundy Pic

Facts about Ted Bundy 3: revisiting the crime scenes

Bundy sometimes had sexual acts with the corpses of his victims by revisiting the crime scene. He would stop the sexual act until the body of the victim was destructed.

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Facts about Ted Bundy 4: the life of the victims

Bundy took the heads of some of his victims and kept them. Due to provoked kidnapping, he had to spend the time in jail for the first time in 1975.

Facts about Ted Bundy 5: escape

Bundy was smart enough to escape from the prison. He created two dramatic escapes from the prison after he faced murder charges in Colorado. In 1978, the officials were capable to recapture them in Florida. In two separate trials, Bundy had three death sentences for the homicides in Florida.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

Facts about Ted Bundy 6: execution

On 24 January 1989, Bundy had his execution on the electric chair, which took place in Florida State Prison.

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Facts about Ted Bundy 7: the parents of Bundy

His mother was Eleanor Louise Cowell. The people are not certain with the biological father of Bundy. To avoid the social judgment that he was born due to the wedlock, he was raised by his maternal grandparents.

Facts about Ted Bundy 8: different stories

Bundy told the people different stories. It was to validate the stories. That is why the information related where and when Bundy started murdering, kidnapping and raping women was not known.

Facts about Ted Bundy

Facts about Ted Bundy

Facts about Ted Bundy 9: the disappearance of female college students

The frequency of the disappearance of female college students was one for every month. Some of the disappeared women included Susan Rancourt and Donna Manson.

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Facts about Ted Bundy 10: the concern

At that time, the officials were concerned with the missing of the female college students. Most of them had their long middle parting hair. They were white, attractive and young.

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