10 Facts about Ted Harrison

Post On: October 17, 2018

Find out the interesting facts about famous artists on Facts about Ted Harrison. He was born on 28th August 1926 and died on 16th January 2015. His full name was Edward Hardy Harrison. People recognize him more as Ted Harrison. The birthplace of Harrison was located in Wingate, County Durham. Most of Harrison’s paintings are related to the Yukon. If you are still curious to find out more about Ted Harrison, look at the following post.

Facts about Ted Harrison 1: education

Harrison was educated at West Hartlepool School of Art. The institution is located in London. He wanted to study about painting.

Facts about Ted Harrison 2: the war

The war, which took place in Great Britain, affected the study of Harrison in that school. However, he was capable to finish the study and graduated in 1949. The college gave him a National Diploma for Design.

Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison

Facts about Ted Harrison 3: the next education

Harrison pursued his next education program. He attended the University of Alberta and earned a B.Ed. He got a teaching certificate from University of Durham, which led him to become a teacher. He held a teaching post for 30 years.

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Facts about Ted Harrison 4: living in Yukon

Most paintings of Harrison are related to Yukon. It is a location in Canada. He settled in the region in 1968 until 1993.

Facts about Ted Harrison 5: the main theme in his paintings

The primary theme found in the works of Harrison is related to the culture of Yukon. He applied colors on them.



Facts about Ted Harrison 6: the career in 1970s

Harrison had his career not only as a teacher. He also worked as an author, illustrator and artist. He must be honored when his work was selected as the representative for the International Children’s Book Exhibition in Italy. One of his famous illustrations can be spotted in “The Cremation of Sam McGree”. It was the poem of Robert Service.

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Facts about Ted Harrison 7: the honor

Due to his contribution in the Canadian culture, he was awarded a Member of the Order of Canada in 1987.

Facts about Ted Harrison 8: honorary doctorates

Harrison was also a recipient of honorary doctorates from a number of universities. In 2005, he got the honorary doctorate from University of Alberta. In 1991, Athabasca University gave him the honorary doctorate. The other one was received by Harrison in 1998 from University of Victoria. In Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, he served as a member.

Facts about Ted Harrison

Facts about Ted Harrison

Facts about Ted Harrison 9: personal life

In 2000, Harrison lost his wife. She passed away because of Alzheimer’s disease. Her name was Nicky. He participated for raise the fund for Alzheimer foundations. He concerned with the disease which took the life of his beloved one.

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Facts about Ted Harrison 10: death

On 16 January 2015, Harrison passed away at the age of 88.

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